Getting headshots is the fastest way to eliminate your enemies in Free Fire, as headshots deal much more damage than a normal shot. In this article, we are going to answer the question of "Which Gun Is Best For Headshot In Free Fire?" by listing out the top 10 strongest weapons for that particular purpose.

10 - AK

AK is a powerhouse amongst the class – the Free Fire version of the gun is actually stronger than that of other games. The AK exchange its high recoil and accuracy for damage and range – if players can handle the gun’s kick, they would probably be able to out damage any enemies at range. You need to be calm when using this gun, as the high recoil makes spraying super hard.

Free Fire AK

9 - Woodpecker

The newest semi-automatic sniper rifle in Free Fire... and the weapon with the highest effective damage in the game, due to its ability to pierce armor. The Woodpecker's weakness is its relatively short range for a sniper rifle... you might need to get a little bit closer for the gun to be effective.

Freefire Woodpecker


The new PARA FAL AR in Free Fire is the most damaging automatic weapon in the game, with a whopping 69 damage per shot, much higher than the Groza. In exchange for that power, all other states of this gun are slightly lower. Damage per shot is still the most important stat in Free Fire, as you can finish an opponent with a burst of 3 rounds - that's why the PARA FAL is on the top part of the list.

 Free Fire PARA FAL

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7 - M14

The M14 is a semi-auto sniper rifle with super high range and damage... however, the best part about the gun is a special attachment. If you managed to find the M14 Rage core, the gun would be turned into an automatic rifle - its firing speed weakness would be completely removed.

Free Fire M14

6 - SVD / Dragunov

The SVD is one of the deadliest weapons in the game - the difference between this gun and the M14 is the extra Armor Penetration ability. In the later phases of the game when everybody has armor on, you would still be able to deal damage effectively. The gun also has a decent fire rate as well - you can down a player equipped with level 2 vest in two or three shots. The only weakness of the Dragunov is its rarity - you can only find it in airdrops.

Free Fire Dragunov


FAMAS is a much trickier weapon to use than the other ARs on this list, however, its extreme accuracy and long-range can greatly aid players in performing headshots. This is why the FAMAS is in a pretty high position. Getting headshots with the 3 hit bursts of the gun is pretty satisfying. However, you would have to be super accurate with your aim in close combat, as any gun with auto mode could out damage the FAMAS easily.

Free Fire FAMAS

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4 - XM8

The XM8 is the better version of the SCAR, with high stats on everything - from damage to fire rate and range, and even the movement speed when holding the XM8 is much higher. However, you would have to stick with the X2 scope that the gun is spawned with. There is a reason behind the fact that the XM8 is the most commonly used AR in the game.

Free Fire XM8

3 - SCAR

SCAR is the most beginner-friendly. All stats of this gun is pretty balanced, with medium damage, low recoil, and decent range – even someone who hasn’t played any FPS before would be pretty comfortable with this gun. SCAR is pretty easy to mod due to its five attachment slots – the weapon would be even better in the late game after you have gathered enough modifications.

Free Fire SCAR

2 - M4A1

The M4A1 has the highest range amongst automatic Rifles along with excellent accuracy... in exchange for slightly lower damage.   Amongst all ARs in the game, the M4A1 is probably the most stable at long range. Furthermore, it can be equipped with all attachments - a fully decked M4A1 would be a beast on the battlefield.

Free Fire M4A1

The M4A1 without any attachments is pretty vanilla - the high range does come into play occasionally but is not enough to be a deciding factor. It is weaker than most AR in the game without any attachments.

1 - Groza

The Groza is still the best weapon in the game - it has all the power of an AK without any drawbacks like high recoil. From the stat table of the Groza in Free Fire, we can clearly see that the gun is overpowered. With 61 Damage and 75 Range, the gun has the best stats for its class.

Free Fire Groza

If you managed to get your hand on this weapon, you would be able to dominate the battlefield easily. The drawback of the Groza is that it can only be acquired randomly from airdrops, which is not something players want to bet on.

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