Weapon recoil is the biggest problem you need to deal with to be able to use all guns in shooters... and Free Fire is pretty much the same. This is made even harder due to Free Fire's nature of being a mobile game - touch screens are nowhere as reliable as the keyboard & mouse of a PC.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 most useful tips and tricks for you to control weapon recoil in Free Fire.

1 - Find and equip more weapon attachments

The Foregrip and Stock would provide a certain amount of recoil reduction for your weapon - try to find and equip them as soon as possible. The Foregrip is extremely important - it would cut down all recoil by half. The Muzzle is great as well - it would increase the stability and range of your weapons.

Ff Weapons

2 - Scope in and out repeatedly while shooting

While this trick would reduce your fire rate, it is pretty effective in reducing the recoil of your weapon. If you are engaging an enemy at long range, try to open and close your scope repeatedly in-between your shooting taps. This would stabilize the gun and enable the auto-aim to home into the target.


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3 - Set a custom sensitivity setting

You need a customized sensitivity setting of your own while playing, as the default won't always work. You can also copy the versions


4 - Crouch or Prone when shooting

These two positions would increase the stability of your gun and reduce recoil... at the cost of your mobility. Crouching in the middle of combat also has the extra feature of preventing the enemy from scoring headshots.


Going prone in combat is pretty hard - this usually can only be done when you are ambushing people. When doing this on high ground you would pretty much be invulnerable to bullets.

5 - Use Dasha's skill

This is probably the easiest thing to do - Dasha's skill would reduce weapon recoil by 10% and recoil build-up speed by 10%. This lets you have an easier time on high-recoil weapons like the AK or the AN94.

Free Fire Dasha

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