Mobility is one of the most important factors in shooter games... and Free Fire is not an exception. By moving faster, you would be able to get across the huge map and get to objectives quicker, lead to a huge tactical advantage over enemies who arrives later. Getting the loot first or camping on the high ground requires speed.

In this article, we would list out the various ways to move around the map faster in Free Fire.

1 - Use Vehicles

Getting your hand on a car or a motorcycle is the easiest way to move around. There are just so many advantages that a vehicle has over running around on foot. Cars usually have excellent protection - most people would just ignore them instead of shooting. On the other hand, if you encounter enemies while driving, you can just hit them with the car for an easy kill.

Free Fire Vehicles

2 - Use Map Objects

There are catapults and ziplines placed on certain spots in Free Fire's 3 maps - you can just make use of them to move almost instantly to a different location. The downside is that the location is fixed - you cannot change it whatsoever.

Free Fire Updates Zipline

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3 - Use abilities

There are abilities that increase movement speed - picking Kelly or Caroline's skill would enable you to get around slightly faster than usual. If you equip Dasha's skill, you can also create your own shortcuts from buildings or high locations by leaping out - the usually deadly fall damage would be reduced to a more manageable amount.

Caroline In Free Fire

4 - Use light weapons

Weapons in Free Fire have different movement speed stats - if you are holding a pistol or melee weapons, you would be able to move around the map much faster than usual due to their lightweight and high movement speed. Just switch back to your main guns once you encounter enemies.


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