Free Fire characters are not created equal - some are vastly more powerful than others. With new updates, Garena periodically releases stronger and stronger characters to lure players into buying... as there is no point getting a new character when it is weaker than the one you currently have.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 weakest characters in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Kla

You are not supposed to fight guns with fists. This skill is pretty useless in normal Free Fire matches - 90% of the time you would be gunned down before you are able to do anything. However, the damage bonus is not half bad and could sometimes help you in rare situations.

For some reason, Kla is actually the most picked character in Free Fire, with the highest amount of matches played.

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4 - Olivia

In a solo match, Olivia's ability is literally useless... as you have no teammates to revive. While her ability can be somewhat useful in team games, Kapella's Healing Song does the same thing but better, as it also boosts all other heals you made or use.

This skill is literally power crept by a better version - while it does stack, overall, Olivia's ability is definitely not worth using.

Olivia Freefire

3 - Caroline

Caroline's skill is way too niche and gives too little bonus to be actually useful. The 8% bonus speed when holding a shotgun is way too small - if it was something like 20 percent, this skill might actually be usable. Furthermore, the shotgun class is one of the least popular weapons in the game... which limits the usage of this skill even further.

If you want passive bonus movement speed that much, just pick Kelly.

Caroline Keyart

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2 - Maxim

This skill's effect is so small it is literally not noticeable at all. In the best-case scenario with Gluttony maxed, the skill would provide you with half a second faster usage of medkit, which is... super underwhelming compared to something like A124's ability.


The skill could be somewhat useful if it was something crazy like 30% or 50%... and not just 12%.

1 - Ford

Ford's skill would reduce the damage you take outside of the safe zone by 24%. This is useless most of the time as the bonus is not high enough to actually matter. And staying outside the safe zone is both risky and wasteful - you have to waste your medkit to heal the damage taken. Just stay away from this ability.


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