While having massive damage potentials, shotguns are often underestimated in Free Fire because of their low range. Amongst them, the M1014 is the strongest and most popular - it is the only automatic shotgun that can shoot more than two times in a row.


In this guide, we would list out the 5 most useful tips to master the gun and deal with its weakness.

1 - Aim in advance and Jump shoots

Advance aim

Try to predict your enemy's position using headphones and aim at that location even before you see them. You would have an easier time scoring headshot this way because you don't have to aim while engaging.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

Jump shots

In a close-range fight, you can jump at your enemy - while falling down, wait until the crosshair is at their head and press Fire.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

The ideal position to do jump shots is this. By doing a jump, you can easily move your crosshair to the enemy's head. Furthermore, they would not be able to headshot you easily.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

2 - Use quick weapon switch

Usually, the M1014 would serve as a sidearm that you pull out when engaging in close-range combat. Because of this, being able to switch it out fast is the key - you must enable the Quick Weapon Switch in Options by toggling on [Setting>Controls>Quick Weapon Switch].

M1014 Apocalyptic Red

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3 - Pick the suitable character skill

Dasha's ability to reduce recoil and Jota's ability to heal after getting a shotgun kill would be the best skill to equip if you are planning on using the M1014. A124's heal is also pretty useful as well - you would be going 1 vs 1 most of the time.

Jota Free Fire

4 - How to headshot using the M1014

While it might be tempting to just do body shots, getting a headshot is still the fastest way to end your foes. The key to scoring headshots with the M1014 is firing 2 bullets in a row while aiming at the torso - the high recoil would drag your second bullet onto the target's head. You need to adjust your aim frequently - don't fire everything as soon as you see enemies.

5 - Try to surprise your enemies

When holding such a strong close combat weapon like the M1014, it is best that you try to fight in tight spaces in which enemies cannot shoot you from afar. Buildings are your friends - try to make an ambush behind corners. You can also try to sneak behind your foes or rush them suddenly so that they would not be able to react fast enough.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

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