Unlike other battle royales in the market, Free Fire offers a faster gameplay experience... with a lot of long-range guns having scopes attached by default. This eliminated a lot of problems, as players can just begin to play using their favorite weapons right away without having to wait and find attachments.

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In this article, we would list out the weapons with scopes automatically equipped in Free Fire.

1 - Pre-attached with a 4x scope


The most special weapon in the SMG class - in other games, it is actually considered a sniper rifle or assault rifle. The VSS's main feature is the ability to snipe from afar - it comes equipped with its own scope right from the start... and with 82 range, it could snipe as well as any AR.

The VSS's damage stat is rather lacking, however - it has only 54, rather low for something with less than average fire rate. This is why people usually want to get a real sniper rifle like the M14 and just skip this.

SVD, SKS, Woodpecker

These Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles come with a 4x scope automatically attached on spawn. Overall, as sniper rifles, these weapons are pretty much unusable without a good scope due to their high recoil and slow rate of fire.


2 - Pre-attached with an 8x scope

Kar98k, AWM

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The 8x scope has the lowest spawn rate, and more often than not it would be discarded as not many players would use it on a normal assault rifle. If they don't come with a scope, lots of players would just carry the gun around looting randomly and wasting slots. Because of this, Garena decided to just skip this part and have these guns be useful right away on pickup.

3 - Pre-attached with an X2 Scope

XM8, Crossbow and CG15

These 3 weapons are special - they have their own 2x scopes come attached right from the start... and they cannot be changed out. Overall, it is just some specific features of the gun - in the XM8's case, the x4 scope would be much better. You cannot replace the scope on the Crossbow and the CG15.

Crossbow No Free Fire

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