Free Fire's character skill system is what differentiates the game from its competitors PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty. Each character has their own unique ability - some active, some passive... and some that only activates when a condition is fulfilled. Some cost EP... but the most powerful ones always need you to get kills.

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In this article, we would list out the top 5 abilities that trigger after a kill. This is done for balance purposes, of course, as the effects would be too strong otherwise.

5 - Jai's Raging Reload

Jai's Raging Reload ability would automatically fill up 45% of your ammo count whenever you score a kill. This is extremely useful in team matches when most of the time you would be facing multiple people - more bullets mean longer sprays. This skill only affects pistols, shotguns, SMGs and ARs. However, in normal circumstances like 1vs1, this ability is pretty much useless, as you can just manually reload after killing your enemy.

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4 - Miguel's Crazy Slayer

Miguel's Crazy Slayer Ability would restore 80 EP after every kill - this is a decent source of healing later on when you are low on HP and is a perfect combo piece with A124's EP conversion skill. K's ability would also be super useful to convert this back into HP - it would only take 14 seconds to heal back 80 HP - about half the rate of a medkit

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3 - Jota's Sustained Raid

Jota's skill gives bonuses to shotguns and SMGs that let you regain a bit of health after each kill. This skill seems to be OP at first, but then you realized it only affects shotguns and SMGs, the weakest weapon classes in the game. At least the health bonus would give you a definitive edge when fighting multiple enemies.

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2 - Wolfrahh's Limelight

After every kill he makes, Wolfrahh would gain a damage boost to body shots and a reduction in headshot damage. The body shot boost is pretty decent in the late game - you need to kill 4 people to reach the max bonus. The headshot damage reduction is slightly worse, as you would need to get at least 5 for the max value... however, it stacks with the helmet's damage reduction and would cut the damage you take when getting headshot by 75%.

This skill has great effects, but it requires the highest number of kills to reach full potential. This is overall pretty bad as if you managed to kill 5 people to charge it up, you probably are already going to win the game anyway.

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1 - Luqueta's Hat Trick

Luqueta's passive ability Hat Trick would give you bonus MAX HP after every kill. This is much more significant than a mere heal, as the bonus would stay active for the rest of the match and can be healed back up. At max level, it only takes 2 kills for you to reach the 35 HP bonus limit. Having 235 HP would give you a pretty big bonus in solo fights... and when combined with A124's skill and Alok's, you would pretty much be playing with a 300 HP pool.

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