Emotes are pretty important in Free Fire - it lets you express yourself without having to go through a lengthy process of chatting or talking. Currently, there are over 60 emotes in Free Fire, each with its own unique style and attributes.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best emotes in Garena Free Fire that you must get.

5 - Pirate's Flag

This emote would have your character summon a super cool pirate flag and plant it on the ground. The flag is very good-looking - it is black with a pirate emblem and decorated with a skull wearing a pirate hat. Furthermore, it is also on fire as well. Overall, one of the coolest looking emotes you could get in the game.


4 - Eat my dust

Emotes that summon more objects are the best - when activating Eat my Dust, your character would summon a golden car and sit on top of it while shaking. Nobody expects an emote to summon a whole vehicle... and the shaking animation look really exaggerated.


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3 - I'm Rich

Part of the Money Heist collaboration. Upon the activation of this emote, the player would summon a bed of money and lie on it while waving around. The action certainly looks weird enough to draw attention from nearby players.


2 - Top DJ

With Alok being one of the most popular characters in Free Fire... the Top DJ Emote is getting some of his influence. Upon activation, your character would become a futuristic DJ, holding a microphone and controlling a DJ table. If you are a fan of Alok, this emote is a must-have.


1 - FFWC Throne

This is probably the top emote without any equal in Free Fire - the FFWC Throne emote would summon a golden throne on which players could sit in a challenging pose. The throne looks pretty futuristic, with golden gun decorations on both sides. FFWC Throne was available during FFWC 2019 - it is unsure if this emote would be brought back in this year's FFWC.


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