During a Free Fire match, you will face other players and lose some of your HP in combat. This is where healing comes in - you need to keep your HP at a high enough level to be able to survive engagements effectively.

In this article, we would go through all healing and reviving methods in the game.

1 – Health bar and reviving mechanics

Each character in Free Fire has 200 HP by default. In solo mode, you would die when this bar is depleted. In Duo and Squad, however, your character would be knocked down to the ground and can be revived by teammates.


A red bar would appear on the screen and gradually drop to zero after a period of time. If a teammate picks you up during that period, you would be revived with some HP, otherwise, you would die. The max HP limit can be altered by Luqueta and exceeded by Antonio.


Olivia and Kapella's skills can give your teammates more HP after revival, however, people would usually pick Kapella, as her passive actually provides some benefit outside reviving teammates

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2 - Healing mechanic


The most common healing item in Free Fire – they are easy to spot with their large size and signature green color. Once a Medkit is found, you can activate it by tapping the icon on the left side of the screen. After 3 seconds, your character would take the consumable and replenish 15 HP every second – for 5 seconds. You can activate a medkit whenever your health is not full.



Each mushroom consumed would give your character a certain amount of EP or "energy point", which can then be converted into HP. 1 EP would be converted into 1 HP every second. There are 4 types of mushrooms with 4 different colors – they would give the player 50/75/100/200 EP respectively.


The Shiba Inu pet can detect mushroom locations on the map. K's "master of all" ability can increase the rate of EP conversion by a factor of 5 -  you would be able to heal constantly with the ability active.

Healing ability

Alok and K are the best squad healers in Free Fire - their ability can heal everyone in the vicinity... While K's skill costs EP, his ability can heal indefinitely as long as the target has EP. Alok's ability, on the other hand, only lasts for a few seconds.

Dj Alok Kshmr


A124's ability is the best single target combat heal - it converts lots of EP to HP at a fast rate.

Treatment Gun

The treatment gun is actually the second-best pistol, with the 2nd longest range in the class. However, its true power is the ability to heal teammates - if you are able to find one in squad mode, using it as an alternative healing method is fairly effective.

Treatment Gun

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