In a battle royale like Free Fire, the main objective is to stay alive until the end of the match – in order to do that, some players choose to avoid combat and camp/set up an ambush inside a location. This can be surprisingly effective as you can get kills against anyone who does not pay enough attention.

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In the list below, we would list out the top 5 best characters for the “camper” playstyle

1 - Chrono

Chrono's skill is called "Time Turner" - it would create a small bubble with 600 HP that you and your allies can get in. You can move faster and shoot targets outside while in the bubble... but your enemy has to destroy the bubble to get to you. Allies would get half the movement speed bonus.

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It effectively forces enemies to retreat or put up their own bubble. It is the perfect defense that stops all gunfires while allowing you to shoot back.

2 - Rafael

A Sniper Rifle/AR are the ideal weapons for setting up an ambush – and no character can snipe from afar as effective as Rafael. With his “Dead Silent” skill, Rafael can backstab/shoot people freely without having to worry about his cover getting blown. This works the best in team games – you can down one team member then duck back into cover, leaving the enemy squad disorganized.


3 - Laura

Laura’s special skill is a passive ability named “Sharpshooter”, which increases her accuracy significantly if she scoped in. In a shooter like Free Fire, high accuracy matters a lot - a headshot would eliminate your enemy much faster than any kind of damage boost in the game.

Laura character in free fire ability

This is exactly why Laura is a super popular character - to both pro players and newbies alike. While this skill can be used on all scoped weapons, it's most useful in ranged combat, as people more often than not would use a scope at long distances.

4 - Hayato

Hayato’s skill works when he’s at low HP – this is actually not ideal for rushers, who have to keep their HP at the highest possible. Camper Hayato would be able to stay hidden at low HP, making full use of the Bushido skill’s armor-piercing ability. Combine this with something like the Dragunov (has innate armor piercing), you might even be able to achieve 100% armor piercing, which completely ignores enemy armors.


5 - Shirou

Shirou's ability is a passive skill named "Damage Delivered". This is somewhat related to his background of being a Delivery Boy. Generally, the skill would tag an enemy who hit Shirou, revealing their location and the first hit scored against them would ignore all armor.

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With this skill, Shirou can deal with snipers and ambushers more effectively... and with a high damage weapon like an SKS or SVD, the player can even one-shot people with that 100% armor penetration. The vision from this skill does not get shared with your teammates - only you would be able to see the marked enemy.

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