Garena's Battle Royale Shooter Free Fire has become the most popular mobile title in the country after PUBG Mobile's removal. The game is fairly competitive, with a whopping 50 players drop onto a giant map and fight until only one left standing.

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The game is fairly competitive, and due to the nature of it being a mobile shooter, control settings are super important. In this article, we would showcase Total Gaming Free Fire Setting - a customization guide from one of the most accomplished Free Fire YouTubers with over 21 million followers.

1 - Who is Total Gaming?

Total Gaming a.k.a Ajjubhai is currently the biggest Indian Free Fire YouTuber on the scene. Ajay has only been making Free Fire YouTube videos for about 3 years - his rise is nothing but meteoritic... with a massive subscriber count that very few Indian channels could compare. He has never shown his face on video, however.


With this being his main career, TG stream and upload content pretty regularly.  He is also a pro player, currently owning the famous team named after his YouTube handle - 'Total Gaming eSports'. The team has been performing pretty well in leagues and has represented India in various Free Fire internationals.

Total Gaming Esports Won The FreeFire India Championship 2020

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2 - Total Gaming Free Fire Setting

Having the right sensitivity settings can significantly help players execute headshots more efficiently and as an experienced player, Total Gaming's settings are definitely worth copying. Below is Total Gaming's Stats in Free Fire:

Total Gaming

We can clearly see that his skill as a player is exceptional - with about 25% win rate on 10k squad games played. Below are the recommended sensitivity settings from Total Gaming that players can use to land headshots more efficiently:


Here are the recommended sensitivity settings that Free Fire players can use to land headshots more efficiently:

  • General: 47
  • Red Dot: 50
  • 2x Scope: 82
  • 4x Scope: 86
  • AWM Scope: 0

Free Look: 65 (The free look setting does not affect the shooting aspect of the game, so it can be left at default or changed to any level) It would take a lot of time to get used to this, as Total Gaming's sensitivity settings are much different than other players.

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3 - Total Gaming's tips to get headshots in Free Fire

Most weapons in Free Fire would deal a lot of extra damage on headshots. In the case of a Sniper Rifle, you can one-shot a player at full HP. Instantly kill your enemy with a headshot is one of the best feelings in an FPS.

Dragging the crosshair (drag headshot)

To score headshots more easily, users need to slightly drag their thumb upward as they shoot. This act would slightly pull the crosshair up, making it easier for them to score headshots on foes. This technique needs to be practiced a lot if you want to be able to use it in battle unconsciously - it is best to practice in the training ground first before going forward.

Drag Headshot Free Fire

Get familiar with your weapon

You need to know the weapon you are using. When looting, it is best to stick with what you know or something easy to use. It is best to not pick up hard-to-use weapons like the AK if you don't know how to make use of them.

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Try to catch your enemy off guard

You would be able to score headshots more reliably if you managed to catch your opponents off-guard... like when they are looting or focus on other targets, for example. To accomplish this, you need to be patient and scout around with your scope before advancing forward.


Get a decent scope

In battle royales like Free Fire, fights usually would happen at medium to long-range... and you would usually need a scope for that kind of fight. Usually, you would need a 2x or 4x scope on an AR, and an 8x scope on sniper rifles. Try to get your hand on a scope first before doing anything.

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Gun Skins are not that crucial

While gun skins are definitely a pay-to-win aspect in Free Fire, with the incorporation of stat buffs, they are not crucial in winning. In higher tier games, the player who gets the headshots first would win the fight, regardless of the skins they use. Headshots would give more damage than any skill ever could - Free Fire is still a skill-based game after all.

Best Scar Skin Free Fire

Apart from these, Total Gaming mentioned that character skills do not affect players’ ability to hit headshots, and therefore not a crucial factor in gameplay.

We hope this guide has answered the question of "what is the best setting for Free Fire". Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about The Easiest To Use Active Abilities In Free Fire.