In a shooter like Free Fire, reflexes are just as important as the ability to aim. With good reflexes, you would be able to react to unexpected dangers like an enemy hiding in the corner. In this guide, we would list out some of the best methods for both old and new players alike to learn how to improve their quick thinking ability.

1 - Master your sense of sound

Everything makes noises in Free Fire, especially enemy walking and shooting. It is vital that you have your headphones on to take advantage of it. If you are able to hear enemy footsteps just a second before combat, you would be able to react immediately.

2 - Know your weapons

Each gun in Free Fire has different characteristics – you must get familiar with at least a few of the Assault Rifles in order to be good at the game. Only by understanding the quirks and styles of the weapon would you be able to improve your aim.

Maxresdefault 3
Practice with guns in training mode

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3 - Try to get the initiative

Try to get the drop on your enemies first - if you detect your enemy and shoot first, you would get a big advantage. Use the 2x scope often to scout while moving - the quicker you can do it, the better.

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Scout with the scope first

4 - Customize your settings

Changing your device’s sensitivity can assist heavily in quite a few situations, as lower sensitivity would be the best setting for close quarter combats while higher sensitivity is best for long-distance. The reason behind this is that you would need a stable cursor for the moving enemies in close range – on longer-range however, you would have to be quick to be able to follow the enemy's movements.

Spike Gyro Setting
Customize your own settings

Practice using the Gyroscope is a great way to improve your ability to react, as you won't have to tap to look around anymore.

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