In a mobile shooter like Free Fire, guns are probably the most important factor. Not all weapons are created equal, however - some are much more powerful than the others. In this Free Fire Gun Guide, we would list out the top 10 best weapons to use in 2021.

10 - UMP

The UMP is probably the best and most damaging SMG in the game - it is the only weapon in this class with the ability to penetrate armor. With 63 points in armor penetration, the UMP can pretty much ignore 2/3 of enemies' vest and helmet's damage reduction.


If you manage to find a UMP, stick with it and find some more attachments if possible -  a foregrip is recommended, as it would greatly aid in reducing its random bullet spread.

9 - MP40

The MP40 is the fastest firing weapon in Free Fire and despite this, it performs amazingly in close range. Overall, the best part about the gun is its stability when hip firing - you don't have to aim down sight and can begin to shoot right away as soon as you encounter an enemy.


However, it is best that you don't use the MP40 to snipe at enemies, as it has only 10 range. The MP40 also can't equip any other attachment but a magazine.

8 - Desert Eagle

This weapon is probably the most useful gun in this class... and the closest to a normal weapon. The desert eagle has high damage, long-range... and decent stats all around - you can run extremely fast while holding it. Overall, this is the only pistol worth using - if you need to do a challenge or something related to a pistol, picking up this one would be your best bet.

Desert Eagle

The weakness of this gun is that it can't be equipped with a scope - the high damage and range are overall wasted.

7 - M1887

Looks like Free Fire is power creeping the new weapons a little, with the newer guns much stronger than the old ones. The M1887, despite having only 2 shots, is much stronger than the M1014. It has 100 damage, the highest damage stat in the class, and the lowest spread at 21. The best statistic, however, is the M1887's whopping 67 armor piercing. This means the gun can pretty much shred through body armor like nothing - 2 shots are pretty much enough to finish a player (if some of the pellets hit the head). If you missed the first shot, you must headshot with the second.


6 - SCAR

SCAR is the most beginner-friendly. All stats of this gun is pretty balanced, with medium damage, low recoil, and decent range – even someone who hasn’t played any FPS before would be pretty comfortable with this gun. SCAR is pretty easy to mod due to its five attachment slots – the weapon would be even better in the late game after you have gathered enough modifications.


5 - AWM

While the power of the AWM in Free Fire is certainly nerfed comparing to that of other games, it is still one of the best Sniper Rifles. If you managed to get a few more attachments like a muzzle, it can hit targets from an extremely long range. The gun also has a hidden bonus headshot damage as well - if you managed to pull out a headshot, the enemies would definitely be killed immediately.


4 - XM8

The XM8 is the better version of the SCAR, with high stats on everything - from damage to fire rate and range, and even the movement speed when holding the XM8 is much higher. It also spawns with an x2 scope so that you could fight immediately after picking up. There is a reason behind the fact that the XM8 is the most commonly used AR in the game.


3 - Groza

After all this time, the Groza still remains the best weapon in the game - it can only be acquired through an airdrop. It has pretty much everything - high damage, high range, great stability, the ability to equip all attachments... Overall, if you got a Groza from your airdrop, your chance of survival would be increased exponentially.


2 – M82B

The newest sniper rifle added to Free Fire - the M82B definitely packs a lot of punch and is very versatile due to its numerous special abilities. It deals the same base damage as other sniper rifles with extra bonus damage to Vehicles and Gloo walls. Using this gun, you can easily snipe enemies behind Gloo covers, an important ability in the mid to late game. The armor-piercing part would ensure the M82B remains strong at the end of the game.


1 - Woodpecker

As expected from a newly released gun, the Woodpecker is super overpowered. Overall, it serves in pretty much the same role as the AWM, SKS or M14... but it can deal a lot more damage per shot, due to the astronomically high 75 points in armor penetration. This means the Woodpecker would be able to deal about 50% more damage than the aforementioned weapons in the same situation.


You can also equip pretty much every kind of attachment on the Woodpecker as well.

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