There are only a few weapons that can cause an explosion in Free Fire. Usually, when people mention this, they would be talking about something like the launchers or hand cannon... but the strongest explosive weapon is actually the crossbow. It can deal more damage than other weapons with the same function... and does not have their weaknesses.

In this article, we are going to list everything you need to know about the Crossbow in Garena Free Fire.

1 - About the Crossbow

The older version of the crossbow is pretty weak and unpopular - it was a silent weapon that inflicts bleed damage on hit. However, the bullet speed and range is too low to hit anything. That's why they changed it to the new version.


The current improved version of the crossbow, however, is very powerful. It can deal up to double the damage of the usual explosive weapon if you managed to hit your enemy with the bolt. When that happens, the enemy would take 90 damage and 100 explosion damage, twice as much as the damage the other grenade launchers can dish out.

Crossbow No Free Fire

While the Crossbow has a much lower range than the M79 or the other explosive weapons, the projectile of the crossbow fly straight - you can just aim it at your target and fire without having to aim. The lower blast range does not matter that much, as the crossbow has much higher accuracy.

The best part about the Crossbow is that it can be equipped on the secondary weapon slot - you can carry 2 more guns while still using it.

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2 - How to use the Crossbow in Free Fire

It is impossible to reload the crossbow so you need to make every shot count. The weapon deals a lot of damage so it is possible to one-shot enemies with just a bolt - actually hitting them with the full damage is the hard part, as the bolt travels rather slow.

The explosion caused by the crossbow

To use the crossbow more effectively, you need to predict the movement of your opponent and aim ahead of them while they are moving. You can also try to sneak around with it as well - the explosion range is pretty small and would not be a problem.

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Try to hit your opponents on the head or the chest - you would get bonus crit damage from the bolt that way... other explosive weapons can't do the same.

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