Bermuda Vs Purgatory Vs Kalahari, Which Is The Best Designed Map In Free Fire?

Muhammad Kumar - Jan 24, 2021 | Mobile Games

Which is the best map in Free Fire? Check this article to find out more about the design of all 3 maps.

Maps are especially important in a Battle Royale game, and Free Fire is not an exception - it’s the main location on which every match would happen. Currently, there are three maps available in Free Fire: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari, each with a unique design and a different way to approach.

In this article, we would compare the designs of all 3 maps in the game to find out which one is the best.

1 - Bermuda

Bermuda is the first available map in Free Fire and because of that, it is the most popular one. As Free Fire has only 50 players per match, it is estimated that Bermuda is about half the size of PUBG Mobile’s infamous Erangel map, at 4x4 kilometers.

Free Fire Bermuda Map In Real Life

Free Fire’s Bermuda was designed after various locations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, with the name Bermuda itself taken from a region in Central America. Unlike Purgatory, Bermuda is just a normal island and not a tourist place, with various residential buildings scattered all over. The flora and weather are tropical and filled with vibrant colors.

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2 - Purgatory

Purgatory was the second map of Free Fire – due to the earlier restriction about the level needed to access the map (you need to be at least level 5), not many players picked this as their favorite. This grew worse… and when Free Fire’s third map, Kalahari, was introduced, Purgatory was removed altogether. This did not go well with fans at all – and after a major backlash, Garena has to add the map back to both unranked and ranked mode.

Free Fire Map In Real Life

Purgatory is just about the same size as Bermuda - but unlike Bermuda, it is not an island. The Purgatory area is just a coastal resort town, with the main industry on the map being tourism.

3 - Kalahari

Kalahari is pretty much Free Fire’s version of the desert map – an attempt to bring some actual new things to the game, unlike the usual tropical island experience. The map was pretty unpopular, however, as snipers are a little bit too strong on the map due to the general lack of cover. If you are great at sniping, however, that map is pretty much a godsend.

Free Fire All Map

Kalahari was inspired by various desert regions all over the planet… partially, of course, as the map is too filled with life to be an actual desert. The closest real-life location is probably Australia. The weirdest things about Kalahari are the various implications that the region was previously submerged underwater, with a stranded submarine, a stranded ship, and even a giant skeleton of a sea monster. However, the ruins on the map contradict that, as the area have to be overland for people to build on.

4 - Verdict

While all 3 maps in Free Fire are decent, Bermuda is probably still the best one to date. Combined with the new 2.0 update recently, it is safe to say that it is the best map in the game.

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