Unlike normal shooters, players in Free Fire pick up weapons from the ground instead of buying... and because of that, the biggest advantage that Pistols have over normal weapons is nullified. No one uses these weapons if they can help it... however, if you have no weapon available or the special mode (Clash Squad/Gun King) prevents you from using normal weapons... the ability to use pistols can be a game-changer.

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In this article, we would list out all pistols in Free Fire and how you can use them.

1 - Desert Eagle

This weapon is probably the most useful gun in this class... and the closest to a normal weapon. The desert eagle has high damage, long-range... and decent stats all around - you can run extremely fast while holding it.

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2 - Hand Cannon

A pistol that shoots grenades - it is like a grenade launcher that you can equip on your secondary weapon slot. Overall, you can use the gun like how you use a normal launcher... however, the twist here is that the Hand Cannon only have 10 range. With this weakness, you can't stand from afar and lob grenades like the usual grenade launcher - you need to go close and personal.

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3 - M1873

You can pretty much treat this as a "pocket shotgun" that you can carry in your secondary slot. Its usage is just like a normal shotgun... with lowered all-around stats - not too bad if you are stuck going close and personal inside a building.


4 - Treatment Gun

This gun is a great source of extra heal after combat - it is best to just pull out a real gun to shoot your enemies instead of trying to heal your teammates in a fight. Furthermore, you can't heal yourself with this gun - it only works in duo and squad mode.

Treatment Gun
Treatment Gun In Free Fire

5 - M500

The M500 is a version of the Desert Eagle with a 2x scope attached right from the start... however, its damage is much lower. The worst part of this gun is actually the super low accuracy stat of 10 - for a "sniper" gun, that stat is crucial and you won't be able to hit anything with the M500.

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6 - G18 and USP

These two guns have the same function but with slightly modified stats. The G18 exchanges its reload speed for an increase in damage output - it shoots much faster than the USP. Overall, there's no situation should you use these 2 guns in a normal BR game.

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