In online multiplayer competitive games like Free Fire, connecting with other players is actually a pretty important part of the experience. This leads to the introduction of the Guild System in Free Fire. You would be able to create a group of players on the internet, which enables a better matchmaking experience on Squad mode. As a result, a lot of the famous pro teams in Free Fire originated from guilds.

How to get Garena Free Fire Guild Token

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Guild system and Free Fire Guild Token.

1 - How to find and join a guild 

Apply for a Guild

To make the process easier, Garena has come up with a section that automatically displays available guilds to players so that you can search for a suitable one. It shows a lot of notable info related to a guild - from honor, level, slogan, number of members... and more.

How to get Garena Free Fire Guild Token

The applying process is fairly simple. In the Guild section, just type in the name or the ID of the guild you want to join (if you already know a guild). Otherwise, just look at some of the recommended guilds on the screen and apply to join them.

How to get Garena Free Fire Guild Token

There are 2 different approval methods for new members a guild might have opted in – Auto Approve and Approve. The first one allows you to become a member right after you pressed “Join”, and the second meanwhile sends your submission to a vice leader or leader of the guild, so it’s all up to them.


There are a few extra rules related to joining guilds:

  • You cannot join another guild if you haven't quit your current one.
  • You can only submit a maximum of 10 requests per day.
  • Guilds have a limit of 50 requests pending in the queue. You won't be able to send any requests if the number of registration has exceeded this limit.

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2 - How to create a guild in Free Fire

The process of creating a guild is fairly straightforward. You only need to pay either 5000 gold or 1000 diamonds - after filling in the forms. Both names and slogans of the guild can be filled with special characters.

Afterward, you can send recruitment messages to world chat. It might take a while to get more members - but as long as you are diligent, you would be able to fill up your guild.

How to get Garena Free Fire Guild Token
You need to pay a certain amount to create your own guild

Players in Guilds would get various benefits from it, with the biggest one being the ability to buy items in the Guild Shop.

3 - About the Guild Shop in Free Fire

A guild can be leveled up to a maximum of 3 times. As your guild levels up, more and more items in the Guild Shop would be unlocked. Level 1 would unlock 2 items, including the ever-popular Name Change card for your Free Fire. From 2 to 4, each guild level would unlock 3 more items - they can be anything... from weapon crate and vouchers to character fragments.

Everything unlocked from the guild shop is useful, especially the name change token. You can buy guild items using either guild tokens of diamonds.

How to get Garena Free Fire Guild Token
How to use Guild Shop

Your guild would level up as guild members earn enough Glory through playing the game. This is why the more active members you have, the better. Item quantity in the Guild shop is limited - you can only get 10 of each weapon crate and 5 of each voucher. The exchange shop is occasionally refreshed by Garena after every big "OB" update. Just make sure that you buy all items you need before the reset hit.

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4 - How to get Free Fire Guild Token

What is Guild Token in Free Fire? Well, you would need Guild Tokens to exchange for various items from the Guild Shop. There are 3 ways for players to earn Guild Tokens:

Guild Supplies

Guild Supplies would be distributed whenever a guild member spends diamonds to buy items like Elite Passes (top-up and memberships don't count). This is distributed on the first-come, first-serve basis, the first one to redeem would get the rewards.

You can get up to 50 tokens max each time.

Guild Daily Quest

You would gain some Guild Tokens after completing matches in Duo or Squad mode with your guildmates.

How to get Garena Free Fire Guild Token
Free Fire How to get Guild Token: You can play Duo or Squad matches


Guild Tokens can be given away as part of any events. There are also events that let you exchange your guild tokens for items as well.

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