One of the biggest reasons behind Free Fire's achievement of "the most downloaded game in the world of 2020" is the fact that Garena is constantly upgrading Free Fire with new content. And in the just-revealed OB26 beta, another new character named 'Shiro' has been revealed.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new character, including his skill and designs.

1 - About Shiro's Design and Background

Overall, Shiro's design has the same style as the other "street" character in Free Fire (Steffie, Dasha)... with hip-hop style clothes and tattoos. While the character has a Japanese style name, he certainly does not look like one - we would have to wait until he is released to know his true background - the only thing concrete available now is that Shiro is a delivery boy.

Shiro Free Fire

2 - Shiro's ability

Shiro's ability is a passive skill named "Damage Delivery". This is somewhat related to his background of being a Delivery Boy. Below are the details of the skill.

  • At level 1, when hit by an enemy in 50 meters, Shiro would tag the attacker for 3 seconds. When tagged, they would be revealed on the map and the first shot against the marked target would have an additional 10% armor penetration. 60 seconds cooldown.
  • At max level, the range of the skill would increase to 100 meters, duration to 8 seconds, armor penetration to 100% and cooldown to 10 seconds.

Shiro Free Fire Novo Personagem De 2021 E Um Entre

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3 - Ability Analysis

Overall, the levels of this skill are fairly badly balanced, with level 1 being super underpowered. You need to level up the character as soon as possible to improve the skill's effectiveness.

Damage Delivery has the reverse effect of Moco's ability - it reveals the player who shot you instead of the one you shoot. This is actually much better, as you already know the location of the one you shot.. while snipers are often hidden and it would take you a few moments to get your bearings.

With this skill, Shiro can deal with snipers and ambushers more effectively... and with a high damage weapon like an SKS or SVD, the player can even one-shot people with that 100% armor penetration. With the bonus provided by this skill, even the highest level armors and helmets are useless. The vision from this skill does not get shared with your teammates - only you would be able to see the marked enemy.

However, the skill is not really overpowered... as it is a reactionary one - a good player would try to catch enemies off guard... instead of getting caught off guard by enemies. It would still work in a 1 vs 1 case of course - you would get an edge in damage for the first shot.

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