Azur Lane is a bullet hell, side-scrolling style mobile game, with a character roster being the warships from World War 2 personified. You would control up to 6 characters advancing in a map to shoot at the enemies that appear while dodging their attacks. Yostar has been releasing a lot more gear since Azur Lane equipment guide 2020, and in this article, we are going to showcase a complete guide for Azur Lane Equipment Tier List 2021.

Azur Lane
Azur Lane Equipment Tier List guide updated 2021

1 - Destroyers Guns Tier List

  • Tier-1: Single 138.6
  • Tier-2: Twin 114, Twin 120, Twin128, Twin 130, Single 133
  • Tier-3: Twin 127, Twin 100
  • Special: 76mm AA
DD guns in Azur Lane
List of all DD guns worth using in Azur Lane.

There are 9 worth using DD guns in AL currently, with the single 138.6mm being the best with the highest damage. It can be farmed in the War Archive Iris Event. The tier 2 guns are about the same tier of damage. Amongst them, the Twin 128 is special - it is the only AP DD gun, designed for German ships. The single 133 is a lesser version of the single 138.6.

Only use the tier 3 guns if you don't have the other higher tier guns. The twin 100 is useful on Kitakaze. The 76mm AA gun is the fastest DD gun in the game, useful on ships that have skills you need to trigger like Ayanami or Eldridge. When equipping destroyer guns on any other ship class, the rules pretty much stay the same.

2 - Torpedoes Tier List

  • Tier-EX: 533mm Quint Mag (6 star)
  • Tier-1: 533mm Quint MKIX, 610 Quad Kai, 533mm Quint MK17
  • Tier-2: 533mm Quint, 610 Quad
  • Tier-3: 533mm Quint Mag, 533mm Quad Mag
 Torpedoes in Azur Lane
List of all Torpedoes worth using in Azur Lane.

There are 2 types of torpedoes, one that homes on target (magnetic) and one that doesn't. The 6-star mag torp is obviously the strongest - it can be crafted in Research. The Tier 2 torps can also be crafted in research, with the 533mms for auto play and the 610 for manual play. The 533mm Quint MKIX has a special firing pattern - all torps go on a straight line.

The tier 3 and tier 4 torps are passable - nothing special about them. Tier 4 deals lower damage but is more likely to hit. New players should just stick with the tier 3 and 4, as they are easily found in boxes.

3 - Submarine Torpedoes Tier List

  • Tier-EX: Mark 20 "Bidder"
  • Tier-1: G7e Acoustic
  • Tier-2: Mark 12, Mark 28, Type 96
  • Tier-3: Mark 16, Type 95
Sub Torp in Azur Lane
List of all sub Torpedoes worth using in Azur Lane.

Overall, the homing Mark 20 Bidder is the best, but it is fairly hard to craft in research. If you can't get it, just stick with the G7e, which blueprints can be found in either research or daily. The other torps are usable but not optimal and resource-intensive to craft, especially the tier 2s.

4 - Light Cruiser Guns Tier List

  • Tier-1: Triple 152 Model 1934, Triple 152 B-38
  • Tier-2: Triple 152 DPMK17, Triple 152 MKXXV
  • Tier-3: Triple 155, Triple 152 MK16, Twin 150, Single 150
CL guns tier list in Azur Lane
List of all CL guns worth using in Azur Lane.

Overall, the tier 1 guns are best in slot, but fairly hard to get, as they are event exclusive. The tier 2 guns can be acquired from PR 1 and PR 2, which are pretty common drops if you spend enough time. Tier 3 guns can be found from opening boxes, except for the Triple 152MK16 from research. If you are a new player, any purple gun would do, but don't upgrade them pass +6.

The Single 150 is the fastest CL gun and is suitable for ships with procs ability. Otherwise, just stick with the tier list. The same equipment priority can be applied when equipping CL guns on any other ship classes.

5 - Heavy Cruiser Gun Tier List

  • Tier-EX: Triple 234 (6 stars)
  • Tier-1: Twin 203 MLE 1924, Twin 234, Triple 203 SKC34.
  • Tier-2: Triple 203 AA, Twin 203 Model 1927, Triple 203 MKIX, Triple 203 MK15
  • Tier-3: Prototype No.3 Naval Gun, Twin 203 SKC
  • Special: Triple 310mm Type 0
CA Guns tier list in Azur Lane
List of all CL guns worth using in Azur Lane.

Overall, the best CA Gun, the Triple 234, can only be found on PR3 research and take ages to craft. The Tier 1 weapons can also be found in research, with the Twin 203 MLE being the best HE gun, Triple 203 SKC34 being the best AP gun, and the Twin 234 sharing the Triple 234's cannon ammo modifier - they can shoot through shields.

The tier 2 and 3 weapons are about the same as each other, with not much of a difference in their performance. The Twin 203 model 1927 is for Zara. According to Azur Lane beginners guide, freshmen should use the tier 3 guns or any purple CA gun they can find (only upgrade them to level 6 at most). The Triple 310 is for Azuma only.

6 - Battleship/Battlecruiser Guns Tier List

The rule of thumb when using BB guns is that triple is for damage, double is for triggering barrage.

  • Tier-EX: Twin 457, Triple 406MK7
  • Tier-1(damage): 406MKD, 406MK6, Triple 410, Triple 406 1940, Triple 406/50
  • Tier-1(barrage): Triple 305 SKC, Twin 381, 406SKC, Twin 380
  • Tier-2(damage): Triple 381, Triple 381 1934.
  • Tier-2(barrage): Twin 410
  • Special: Quadruple 380 (Jean Bart), Triple 305 M1907 (Gangut), Quadruple 356 (King George V), Triple 406 (Massachusett, Gascogne Muse).
  • Useless: Twin 410 Type 3
BB guns in Azur Lane tier list
List of all BB guns worth using in Azur Lane.

The tier EX guns are very rare and can only be acquired from research. Out of the good weapons, the Triple 406 MK6 is the easiest to get for HE damage, and the Prototype Triple 410 is the easiest to get for AP damage.

For Barrage guns, the Twin 410 purple is the easiest to get, with the Twin 380 being the AP variant. The fastest barrage gun, however, is the Triple 305 SKC from PR3.

7 - Aircraft Carrier Fighter Tier List

  • Tier-EX: F7F, Sea Hornet
  • Tier-1: F4U, Sea Fury, F6F, Seafang, Kawanishi, A7M, BF-109G
  • Tier-2: F8F, Seafire, Type 0
  • Tier-3: Me155-A, F2A
Fighters Azur Lane tier list
List of all Fighters worth using in Azur Lane.

The Tier EX has the highest damage, with 2x 1000lbs bombs. Tier 1 has about the same level of damage, with the F4U and BF-109G being the strongest. New players should stick with the F6F or Seafang. Tier 2 and 3 are not worth using outside of airstrike speed adjustment. Stock up on the F4U once you have gathered enough core data - they are the cheapest fighter for budget players.

8 - Aircraft Carrier Dive Bomber Tier List

  • Tier-1: SB2C Helldiver, XSB3C-1
  • Tier-2: BTD-1
  • Tier-3: SBD, Barracuda 831, Firefly, Suisei, Suisei 12A
  • Special: Suisei Model 21 (for BBV)
Dive Bombers tier list in Azur Lane
List of all Dive Bombers worth using in Azur Lane.

Overall, just stick with the SB2C Helldiver, the best DB in the game. It is also super easy to get, from both map drops and chests. The XSB3C-1 is just a slight improvement at the highest tier, which is pretty resource-intensive.

While tier 2, the BTD-1 is worth using sometimes, the tier 3 planes are not worth using outside of airstrike speed adjustment. The Suisei Model 21 is the best in slot for Aviation battleships.

9 - Aircraft Carrier Torpedo Bomber Tier List

There are 2 types of Torpedo Bombers, Normal (for mobs) and Converging (for bosses).

  • Tier-EX: Wyvern
  • Tier-1: Ju-87, Aichi B7A (Converging), XTB2D (Normal), Swordfish (Slow)
  • Tier-2: Barracuda, TBM Avenger, Firecrest, Blackburn
  • Tier-3: Saiun Kai, TBD Devastator.
Torp Bombers tier list Azur Lane
List of all Torp Bombers worth using in Azur Lane.

Overall, new players should just stick with the Barracuda and the Aichi B7A. While the other options are marginally better, these two planes are much easier to get. The Siren ops planes are extremely resource-intensive, especially the Wyvern.

10 - Azur Lane Equipment Tier List For Auxiliaries + AA guns


  • Tier-1: High Performance Hydraulic Steering Gear, High Standard Fire Control Radar, Beaver Squad Tag
  • Tier-2: Steam Catapult, Super Heavy Shell, Type 1 AP Shell, Type 93 Pure Oxygen Torpedo, SG Radar, Homing Beacon
  • Tier-3: High Performance Air Radar, Repair Toolkit
Aux in Azur Lane
Azur Lane Equipment Tier List For Auxiliaries

Overall, there are so many Aux in AL that listing them out would cost us all day. The Rule of thumb is to get Evasion on tanking frontline ships like Heavy and Light Cruisers, HP on Destroyer, White and Black Shell + Radar for Battleships and Steam Catapult for Carriers.

For submarines, you can use any combination of the Improved Snorkel, Type 93 Improved Oxygen Torpedo, and Pressure Resistant Hull Design.

The same rules apply for Aux gear - if you are using the purple version of the gold gears, only upgrade them to level 6 (except for the toolbox).

PVP Auxiliaries

There are quite a few Auxiliaries that only work in Exercise or PVP mode in Azur Lane. They can be unlocked in the Memento Section. Overall, these equipment provide good stats and should be unlocked as soon as possible.

Anti Sub Gears

While all light cruisers and destroyers can fire depth charges now, having the Improved Depth Charge Projector would still be useful (even its blue version is passable). You can get blueprints for crafting them from SOS missions and weekly submarine missions. The sonars are completely optional - you only need the depth charges.

Anti Sub Gears
Anti Sub Gears in AL

AA guns

Most AA guns in Azur Lane are interchangeable so it is not worth listing them all out. The best are the Sextuple 40mm BOFOR from PR3 and the Twin 113mm. The Twin 134mm is useful for gun-based destroyers like Z23 - they provide an extra 15FP, which those units sorely need.

The Twin 40mm bofor and the Twin 40mm hazemayer are best used on battleships - they provide an extra 15 and 5 Hit, the stat that battleships sorely need.

If you are a new player, just use any gold AA gun you managed to get your hand on. Anti air only becomes a problem once you reach world 13, which is filled with enemy planes.

AA guns in Azur Lane
Azur Lane Equipment Tier List For AA guns

You need the best gears to defeat the strongest bosses in AL. Check this video below to find out more.

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