While the action-packed combat of BGMI and Free Fire can be cool at times, some people with slow reactions just can't play them. If you prefer strategy games over action, in which you can calculate every move, the games on this list should be your top choices.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 6 best strategy games for Android Offline. All games on this list are premium titles - you need to either buy or pirate them.

1 - XCOM Enemy Within

This is a turn-based strategy game in which you control the most elite task force to protect the Earth from aliens. As the commander, players will send special squads of soldiers on various missions all over the globe. The objective varies - from scouting out a damaged UFO, clear the area of aliens, rescue a hostage to hack a structure... and more.

Xcom Gameplay
Xcom Gameplay

The combat is easy to understand and master. Each turn, you would control your troop and move them around on the battlefield. Use the system of cover, high ground, and flanking to take out all hostiles. After the operation is done, your squad will go back to the base, where you upgrade your troops and gears.

2 - Plague Inc.

In this game, instead of curing the world of disease, you would control a disease and infect the world. Juggle between infectivity, severity and lethality of the disease by evolving symptoms and its various abilities.

Plague Inc.
Infect the world

The variances are one of the best parts of this game - you can pick between dozens of different disease types. From the rapidly mutating virus to the hard to detect prions, there are a lot of ways to spice up your playthrough. On a more sci-fi side, there are brain control parasites, zombie plagues, plagues that turn people into apes... and more.

Plague INC
Plague Inc is amongst the best strategy games for android offline.

3 - Bloons TD 6

For your information, Bloon TD 6 is an excellent tower defense game, in which you defend your base from hordes of dangerous balloons. There are more than 20 monkey towers for you to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. All towers can be upgraded into 3 different paths based on your strategy. Besides the towers, you can also collect extra devices, abilities and even heroes... overall, the customization of this game is splendid.

Bloons TD 6
Bloons TD 6 gameplay

The number of maps and modes is great as well. There are over 20 maps for you to play, with each map having multiple difficulties and multiple modes. Overall, Bloon TD 6 can provide you with a nigh-endless amount of content.

Bloon TD 6 final levels
Bloon TD 6 final levels is super hard

4 - Rome Total War

Conquer the ancient world in Rome: Total War. In this game, you would control the ancient Roman empire in its conquering of the European continent. The game features massive turn-based battles, and touchscreen-optimized controls. Choose between 19 factions of antiquity like Roman, Egyptian, Macedonian... each with their own unique units, structures and culture.

Rome Total War
Rome Total War massive battles

Besides fighting in wars, you also need to deal with your civilization's daily maintenance of political, economic and religious affairs. The game features multiple campaigns and plenty of replayability value.

Rome Total War
Rome Total War siege

5 - Age of History II

The Age of History lets you take control of a small country with a mission of taking over the entire world, in a battle of domination between countries. Starting with a small group of countries, you take turns controlling your military forces and move them around the map.

Age of History 2
Age of History 2 has a lot of regions.

There are a lot of things to manage in Age of History, with the map spanning the entire Globe. You will need to zoom in and out constantly to command your troops. Deal with diplomacy, economy, population... and more. With over 342 provinces to battle for on Earth (and a second map taking place on planet Kepler-22b), no game of Age of Civilizations will ever be the same.

6 - Hitman GO

In case you don't know, Hitman GO is a puzzle/strategy hybrid, with a board game-like art style, featuring small figurines and set pieces around the board. Each level is a new puzzle, with you having to move Agent 47 around the map, taking out opponents without getting caught by security, bystanders or camera.

Hitman GO
Hitman GO gameplay has the most unique gameplay amongst best strategy games for android offline

You will need to take cover using bushes and barriers while using hiding places and secret passageways to obscure yourself from your prey. Rocks can be thrown to distract enemies and so that you can move around the board tactically. For each move you make, enemies also make a move.

This is the end of our list of Top 6 Best Strategy Games For Android Offline. Interested in more of our articles related to Android games? Please check out this post for the Top 10 Android Action Games Offline For Players Without Internet.