Azur Lane is a bullet hell, side-scrolling style mobile game, with a character roster being the warships from World War 2 personified. In this game, you would control up to 6 characters, advancing in the map to shoot at the enemies appeared while dodge the bullets fired by them. Accompanied with that is the RPG elements with enhancements, skills, and gears, providing extensive depth for the game.

Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020
Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020

In this Azur Lane Equipment Guide for June 2020, we would list out the general recommended equipment for your ship rosters and where to get them.

1 - Destroyers Guns Guide:

Equipment priority: 138.6 > 130 > 127 = 100

Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020
Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020: Destroyer Guns

Amongst these 4 guns, the Twin 130mm has the highest damage potential theoretically but is held back by its ammo type being normal. This makes the 138.6mm remains the best DD gun in the game. These two weapons are locked behind events - you probably would not have too many of them to equip.

The twin 100 has the highest attack speed for a gold DD gun. You can either use that or the 76mm AA gun for ships with a procs skill. The twin 127 is the vanilla choice for DD if you don't have the best 2 guns. There are some special rules about Tashkent having to use the twin 130 and Kitakaze having to use the Twin 100.

When equipping destroyer guns on Battleships, the rules pretty much stay the same.

2 - Torpedoes Guide

Equipment Priority: Rainbow Quint 533 mag > Quint 533> Quad 610 > Quint 533 Mag > Quad 533 Mag

Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020
Azur Lane Equipment Guide: Torpedoes

This is pretty much based on stats. The Magnetic line of torps exchange their stats for the ability to home in on targets - except for the rainbow versions, everything else is not worth using. Due to the rainbow Quint 533 mag being Event exclusive, the gold Quintuple 533 is still the staple torp for auto and the Quad 610 is best for manual.

3 - Submarine Torpedoes Guide

Equipment Priority: G7e > Type95 = Mark 16

Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020
Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020: Sub Torps

Currently, there are only 3 sub torps in the game. Overall, the G7e with the lowest cooldown and homing ability is the best of them all - it is recommended to equip all subs with that torp. The Mark 16 and the Type 95 are geared toward different usage - the Mark 16 would increase the damage of the initial barrage of the sub while the Type 95 would increase the general damage of normal attacks.

4 - Light Cruiser Guns Guide

Equipment Priority: Triple 152 B-38 > Prototype Triple 152 (DP MK17) = Prototype Triple 152 > Triple 155

Azur Lane Auxiliary Equipment Guide
Azur Lane Auxiliary Equipment Guide: CL Guns

The twin 150 can be used if you don't have the Prototype Triple 152. The single 150 is best for ships with procs barrage. Overall, the Triple 152 B-38 has the highest damage, however, due to it being event exclusive, you would probably have to stick with the Prototype Triple 152 MK17 and Prototype Triple 152, both are research guns.

The same equipment priority can be applied when equipping CL guns on Battleships.

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5 - Heavy Cruiser Gun Guide

Equipment Priority: Twin 203mm (Mle 1924) > Prototype Triple 203mm AA = Prototype Triple 203mm Main Gun >Prototype 203mm (type3) = Twin 203mm (M1927) > Twin 203mm (SKC)

Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020
Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020: CA Guns

The best Azur Lane best weapons on the list, the Twin 203 MLE 1924, is event exclusive, so you might not have more than one of it. For the rest of the slots, a mix and match between the Triple 203 AA and the Triple 203 Main is preferable - change between AP and HE depends on whichever enemy you are facing. If you don't have these two guns on researches yet, buying the 203mm Type 3 on Core shop is not a bad idea. Finally, the Twin 203 SKC can be get from boxes, which is somewhat useful until you get better weapons. The twin 203 M1927 is pretty rare - best equipped on Zara only.

6 - Battleship/Battlecruiser Guns Guide

In this category, we have to divide into two sections: Barrage Gun and Damage Gun

Equipment Priority for Barrage ships: Twin 381 = Twin 380 = Twin 406 > 410 Mounted

Azur Lane Equipment Farming Guide
Azur Lane Equipment Farming Guide: Barrage Guns

Overall, if your ship is focused on Barrage, the Twin 406 is probably the most powerful, with about 10% higher damage. The 380 and 381 are faster - choose between AP and HE to equip on your ships based on the situation. The 410 is the poor man's choice - pick it if you don't have Azur Lane best equipment.

Equipment Priority for Salvo ships: Triple 406 mk6 = Triple 410 Mounted > Triple 381 AA = Triple 381 (1934)

Azur Lane Equipment Farming Guide
Azur Lane Equipment Farming Guide: BB guns

Overall, the Triple 406 MK6 is the best choice for HE while the Triple 410 Mounted is best for AP. The rests are ship specific guns - The Quad 356 is for KGV, The Triple 381 is for Littorio, the Quad 380 is for Jean Bart, and the Triple 406 is for Gascogne Muse and Massachusetts.

The Twin 457 rainbow gun is ultra-rare and is the strongest gun in the game. However, due to its extreme rarity, we won't mention it here. You need about 8-10 months to get one.

7 - Aircraft Carrier Planes Guide

Equipment Priority for Fighters: F4U > Reppuu = Sea fury = Hellcat = Seafang > the rest

azur lane auxiliary equipment guide
Azur Lane Auxiliary Equipment Guide: Fighters

The F4U is the best without any contest - just grab a few of them in the core data shop. The rest can either be found in boxes or farm on maps.

Equipment Priority for Dive Bombers: Helldiver > BTD-1 Destroyer > The rest

azur lane equipment guide 2020
Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020: Dive Bombers

SB2C Helldiver is the best in the slot and is super easy to get - just stick with it. The Ju 87C is great on Graf Zeppelin, and the BTD 1 is great on ships with low Aviation stat. The rest are not worth using.

Equipment Priority for Torpedo Bombers: TBM Avenger = Barracuda = Ryusei = Swordfish = Devastator = Firebrand > Fairey Albacore

azur lane equipment farming guide
Azur Lane Equipment Farming Guide: Torpedo Bombers

Torpedo planes are about the same, with each serves a separate function. Ryusei has homing torps while Barracuda is fastest, Swordfish has slow while Firebrand has AA. The VT18 has a damage amp skill while the VT8 has great damage from 2nd airstrike onward. The Fairey Albacore is unique for Formidable.

8 - Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020: AA and Aux

AA guns are pretty much the same, except for the STAAG being the strongest and the Hazemayer being the 2nd due to their bonus Hit Stats. Aux equips are pretty easy: Oxy torps and toolbox on DDs, Gold Rudder on Cruisers, Black/White Shells + Radars on BBs and Steam Catapult on CVs.

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