Garena has always updated Free Fire very frequently with new content to keep fans engaged... and the most popular amongst them is probably the Pet system. While some pets are broken... like Rockie with his cooldown reduction ability, others are literally useless - some don't even have any skill.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new Dragon Pet in Free Fire Advance Server OB26.

1 - Dragon pet Design

Design is probably the second most important part of a pet - as they need to look cool and fit to the players' set to be used. The dragon pet is actually drawn in a cartoonish style, similar to numerous other Free Fire pet - it actually wears a shirt and necklace.

Drakinho Free Fire Novo Pet Do Jogo E Um Dragao X9

The last noticeable part of the pet is probably its wings - the Dragon is going to be one of the few pets with the ability to fly in this game. It is unlikely that this pet is going to be named "dragon" in the release version, as similar to previous advance server pets in Free Fire, the name is just a placeholder.

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2 - Dragon pet Skill

Overall, Free Fire has been going overboard on designing pets, with multiple releases having pretty weird abilities... and the dragon is not an exception. The skill of this pet is a passive ability called "Dragon Glare" - it reveals enemies who are using Medkit in a certain radius around your location.

Maxresdefault 2

At level 1/2/3, users would be able to reveal up to 1/2/4 enemies who are using a Medkit in a radius of 10/20/30 around their location. The duration of this skill is 3/4/5 seconds.

3 - Skill Analysis

Overall, this ability has very niche usage - it is useful when enemies escaping after a firefight and you need to know where they went... and that's about it. The radius of the skill is too small (only 30 meters) and because of that, it would be pretty hard for you to find anything with it. Not to mention the requirement of having enemies using a medkit... which usually only happens when they are at a safe distance from your location.


In conclusion, the dragon pet's ability is highly unlikely to be useful unless it is buffed in the release version. Just stick to using Rockie.

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