The Free Fire OB26 Advanced server is now open for players to test new features of the new update. Apart from a new pet and a new character, we are also going to have a new feature in the game that allow you to bring your teammates back to life. This feature appeared in many other battle royale titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends.

Revival Feature

This feature will only be available in Classic mode and not Ranked mode.

Here, we will explain how this revive feature work and how you can use it.

Free Fire OB26 new Revival Mechanism

Obviously, this feature will only available in Duo and Squad and you need to have 1 dead teammate.

There are 2 ways for you to revive your teammates.

Method 1

You need to find Revival Points on the map. These areas will be marked with a heart on the map. When you stand inside the area, you will be able to revive your dead teammate.

These areas will only appear after a few minutes into the game and there are quite a lot of them around the map.

Ob26 Free Fire
There will be areas in Free Fire that allow you to revive your teammates

You need to stand inside the area for 15 seconds to revive your teammate. The area will then turn blue and cannot be used for 1 minute.

Ob26 Free Fire U
You need to stand inside the area for 15 seconds
Free Fire Ob26
The area will turn blue and cannot be used for a minute

Method 2

There is another way to revive your teammate, you will need to use an item called the RevivalCcard. You can revive one teammate for each Revival card.

So where can you get this Revival card item? This item will be available in the Vending Machine for 10 tokens, a feature Garena introduced in the last update.

Vending Machine Free Fire
You need to buy a Revive card from the Vending Machine

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