As India is all set to celebrate the 72nd Republic Day of the country this January 26th, Free Fire players can also live it up in their own ways. Being the latest event of Free Fire, Free Fire Republic Day Event is a special event created only for Indian players. By taking part in it, you can stand a chance to win a lot of valuable rewards including free characters and gun skins. Check out how to complete the event and claim the highest rewards:

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Some of the rewards you can get for taking part in Free Fire Republic Day event

Free Fire Republic Day: Event Details

To pay tribute to national Republic Day - the day the Indian Constitution took effects - Free Fire India has rolled out a series of event including:

Republic Day Reward
Daily Party Rewards (1-5 and 6-9)
Get New Gun Skin

Here is how to complete all the events so you will not miss any reward.

Free Fire Republic Day

Free Fire Republic Day Reward

Only on 26 Jan

The first event that you can take part in is the Republic Day Reward.To claim the incubator voucher and 2 diamond vouchers, all you need to do is to play 1 match in any mode. Meanwhile, 6 6x Justice Fighter Weapon Loot Crate will belong to you once you get booyah in 1 match in BR mode.

Free Fire Daily Party Reward

From 25 Jan to 5 Feb

This event is divided into 2 sections 1-5 and 6-9 corresponding to 9 days of the events. Players will need to check-in in 9 days continuously so that they can receive 1 character and 1 gun skin every day.

Here are the details of rewards you can receive depends on your number of daily log-in:

  • Login 1 day: Alvaro & XM8 Songkran
  • Login 2 days: Jota & AN94 Spikey Spine
  • Login 3 days: Chrono & MID14 Wasteland
  • Login 4 days: Kapella & P90 - The Punishers
  • Login 5 days: Luqueta & SCAR – Mystic Seeker
  • Login 6 days: Clu & MGO Captain Bubbles
  • Login 7 days: Wolfrahh & AWM - Duke Swallowtail
  • Login 8 days: Dasha & M79 - Hipster Bunny
  • Login 9 days: Jai & AK47 Valentines

Free Fire Republic Day

Get The New Gun Skin

From 25 Jan to 2 Feb

In the Get The New Gun Skin event, players will need to collect as much firework tokens as possible. These tokens can be gained by completing missions like playing in BR matches, get 5 kills, have at least 1 Booyahor or win a CS match.

Once having enough tokens, you can redeem into precious rewards like P90 Midnight Mafia and other rewards as below:

  • P90 Midnight Mafia - 20 Firework Tokens
  • Character Lvl. 6 Card - 15 Firework Tokens
  • Weapon Royale Voucher - 5 Firework Tokens
  • Gold Royale Voucher - 2 Firework Tokens

Above is all you need to know about the Free Fire Republic Day Event in India. The event has been kicked started this morning January 25th. Do not forget to log in and claim rewards every day to get character Jai in the next 9 days.

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