2020 witnessed the release of many new Free Fire characters, making it the best battle royale game with most in-game characters. While all of the characters have special abilities and stories behind them, the most interesting fact is that many of them take inspiration from real-life personalities. Apart from DJ Alok, the most popular character in Free Fire, there is a long list of new characters based on famous celebrities. Take a look at the best of them right below!

1. Character Alok - DJ Alok

Dj Alok Skill

Despite many new warriors coming to the game in 2020, DJ Alok remains in his position as the favorite Free Fire character for years. This character is the playable version of the Brazillian DJ Alok who is popular in North and Central American countries.

With his special skill called Drop The Beat, the character can help players to gain HP and increase the movement speed of the whole team by up to 15%.

2. Character K (Captain Booyah) - DJ KSHMR

Free Fire Captain Booyah Character

Coming to the game under the name ‘K’ (also known as Captain Booyah), this character takes inspiration from another famous DJ and music producer - DJ KSHMR. In fact, character K has one of the most special abilities in Free Fire as he can switch between his modes during the match. While the Psychology Mode helps restore 2 EP for 2 seconds, his Jiujitsu Mode increases the EP conversion rate by 600% for all teammates within 6m.

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3. Character Jai - Hrithik Roshan

Jai Free Fire Ability

Being the first Bollywood star to come into Free Fire, Hrithik Roshan’s character Jai created a stir among the gaming community with the Be The Hero event at the end of last year. The SWAT commander has the Raging Reload ability which with your gun magazine will be instantly reloaded by 10% after a kill.

4. Character Chrono - Christian Ronaldo

Operation Chrono

From DJ to Bollywood actor and now football star, it seems like Free Fire is its best to enlarge its collection of famous celebrities. In December 2020, the game owner introduced the latest character via the Chrono Operation - Be The Legend event. In fact, Chrono ability is said to be more OP than Alok as he can not only reduce the damage but also increase the movement speed by 30%.

5. Character Luqueta - Lucas Paqueta

Luqueta Skill
Luqueta Skill

Before Cristiano Ronaldo, Lucas Paqueta was the first famous football player brought into the game under the name Luqueta. His Hat Trick skill can help players gain up to 35HP for each kill.

6. Wolfram - Leif

Wolfrahh Free Fire Skills

Based on the famous Swedish streamer Leif, the character Wolfram is also a favorite and active one in the game. Thanks to his skill, players can give more damage to the enemies especially when it comes to headshots.

Above is the list of all Free Fire characters based on real-life famous personalities. Who do you think is the most OP one? Let us know your opinion by writing in the comment section below!

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