With more than 5 core players and counting, India is one of the countries with the most number of Free Fire players in the world. Being considered the world’s no.1 noob game for players of all ages, Free Fire attracts a lot of noob and rich players who never mind sparing their money on purchasing the hottest items. If you don’t know who is the richest noob in Free Fire, let’s find out more interesting information about him today.

Who Is The Richest Noob In Free Fire
Lokesh Gamer is no doubt the richest noob player in Free Fire as he never hesitates to spare a whooping amount of diamonds on exclusive items

Who is the richest noob in Free Fire in India?

Over the past few years, mobile gaming has blossomed across India and Youtube is no doubt the promising land for game streamers. There are many famous and rich Free Fire gamers and streamers who have collected millions of subscribers. Some of them are pros, some are noobs, but they all manage to be popular and famous in their own ways.

However, when it comes to the wealthiest noob player in Free Fire, Lokesh Gamer is the most famous and also the richest one. Unlike other Free Fire content creators, Lokesh Gamer does not focus on streaming gameplay. He gains the reputation for spending lakhs of diamonds on Free Fire events to get all of the exclusive and limited items.

Lokesh Gamer Richest Noob Player Free Fire
He also carves a niche as one of the top 10 most popular gaming Youtuber of India

Who is Lokesh Gamer

Having more than 68 lakhs subscribers and nearly 49 crore view counts, Lokesh Gamer is one of the most popular gaming influencers in India. Despite not being a top professional player of India, he has been doing great at making viral videos. Each video of him always rack up millions of views.

Although there is a controversy around who is richest noob in Free Fire in world, it’s undeniable that there are no other players in India who dares to spare a whopping amount of money on the game like he.

Lokesh Gamer Stat Free Fire

In fact, Lokesh Gamer Stats cannot outdo other top players in India like Total Gaming or Desi Gamer, however, he manages to get quite impressive stats. Here are the details of him and the stats you want to know:

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Lokesh Gamer stat in Free Fire

Lokesh Gamer's real name is Lokesh Raj. However, he is widely known for his in-game name Lokeshgamer7. The man who is the leader of team HIND has his Free Fire UID as 2929090.

When it comes to his gaming experience, richest noob in Free Fire in India Lokesh Gamer has average stats. In squad mode, he played more than 2,800 matches and 1,100 more in solo mode. The average win rate of Lokesh Gamer is around 21%.

Meanwhile, he has collected 5155 kills in totals and the K/D rate is 2.30. Although his stat is far to reach the pro level, it is quite impressive in comparison to many other rich noob in Free Fire.

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Lokesh Gamer youtube channel

If you’re a die-hard fan of Free Fire, you must have heard about Lokesh Gamer or visited his youtube channel at least a couple of times. The famous gamer owns a Youtube channel named LOKESH GAMER with nearly 70 lakh subscribers. Check out one of his latest Free Fire videos right below:

This is the typical type of videos that the rich noob player usually makes - sparing lakhs of diamonds into an event or the lucky spin to get the grand rewards. The video has received a lot of responses from his followers. it also hit a million likes just a few days after being uploaded.

As many players have been wonder who is the richest noob in Free Fire, this could make the best answer to their query. Is there any other player who dares to waste 50,000 diamonds for a gun skin?

Who is the richest noob in Free Fire in the world?

At the moment, there is no official report about Free fire richest noob player. Given the fact that India is one of the biggest markets of Free Fire and most of the highest-view Free Fire videos come from Indian gamers, many people believe that the Indian YouTuber Lokesh Gamer also held the title.

Hope that you've got the answer to the question: Who is Free Fire richest noob. If you're interested in viral videos of Lokesh Gamer, the richest noob player in India, you can keep up with him on Youtube. In addition to that, do not forget to visit our website Gurugamer.com for latest updates about Free Fire and other popular games in India.

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