Having thousands of users from all around the world and in India, Free Fire is no doubt one of the most popular games among the youth over the past years. Apart from the player ID, each player in the game will have a nickname. The more unique your name is, the easier it is to distinguish you from other players.

While your Free Fire name is only allowed to include letters and numbers, there is a simple trick to add special symbols that make your name more impressive. Check out the step-by-step guideline to get a Free Fire name with symbols in 2021 right below.

Free Fire Name With Symbols
Changing Free Fire name with symbols is so easy, keep reading to know the trick

How to make Free Fire name with symbols

Although you cannot type symbols using your phone keyboard, do not worry as we have a lot of online tools that provide you a vast range of rare and unique symbols. Apart from making special names using your own creativity, you can also choose from various samples available on the sites. Here is how to make a cool in-game name with symbols you need to know.

  1. Go to a text tool websites 
    There are many options for you to go with like fancytextguru.com, gypu.com, nickfnder.com, lingojam.com, fancytextttool.com. You can also choose from any random one on the internet.
  2. Type your name in the text box and choose the font and styles you like in the below section
  3. Pick the one you like and copy it. There are some websites where the name will be copied automatically once you click on it.
  4. Open Free Fire, go to Profile section, tap on the edit icon under your nickname and paste your new name into the textbox.
  5. Confirm the change

Please note that you will need to pay 390 diamond to get your name replaced so check your new name carefully before paying for it. In case you have a name-change card, you will see a confirm button and do not need to spare your diamonds for the change.

Check out the video below for more information about Free Fire name-change card:

Above is the detailed instruction on how to get a unique and stylish Free Fire name with symbols in 2021. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more helpful tips and tricks about Free Fire and other popular games.

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