While the whole world is welcoming the arrival of 2021, Free Fire fans also have reasons to celebrate the beginning of the year with a big event and update in the game. Along with the updated version called Free Fire The New Beginning with many new features and Bermuda Remastered version, there is also an event series from which you can gain a lot of valuable gifts. Check out all Bermuda Remastered Quiz Answer right below to receive the gifts for free.

Bermuda Remastered Quiz Answers How To Open Bermud
Complete all Bermuda Remastered Quiz Answer in Free Fire latest event to claim free rewards from the game.

Being one activity in the Free Fire The New Beginning event, Bermuda Remastered Quiz is a mini test that examines the understanding of players on the new version of Free Fire classic map Bermuda. There will be 5 questions included in the test and by giving all correct answers. If you’re not sure whether you’re getting the right responses to the test, check out the answer key of the Free Fire quiz answers 2021 right below.

About Free Fire Bermuda Remaster map

Being the latest and biggest update of Free Fire in 2021, Free Fire Bermuda Remaster map has been brought to the game since January 2021. The 2.0 version of the most popular map in the game was updated with many new locations including the Samurai Garden, the Academy, the Nurek Dam, and Adam creek. Each location has its own story and understanding the story behind those spots helps players know the map well.

Bermuda 2 0
Bermuda 2.0 will bring players a new beginning in 2021 with many new places.

Free Fire Bermuda Remaster Quiz answers

Question 1: Which entity has control over Samurai's Garden

A. Hayato’s Family
B. Kelly’s Family
C. Evil organization
D. Moco’s Family

The samurai Garden is an isolated island located in the South East of the Bermuda map. The estate belongs to the Hayato Family whose generations bear the curse of losing their sanity in order to get more power.

While the abandoned site holds the secret power of the Hayato Family, there is a mystery that whoever gets onto the 3rd floor of the center building will get a special blessing. However, no one has yet to witness it as there is no stair leading up to the highest floor.

Bermuda Remastered
Bermuda 2.0 will bring players a new beginning in 2021 with many new places.

Question 2. The Nurek Dam was incomplete because of the war, what is...

A. For defending against enemies
B. For generating clean energy
C. For connecting the islands
D. For hiding Bermuda’s history

Nurek Dam is an incomplete dam located on the North of the map. The dam which aimed to generate and provide green energy for the entire island was left undone due to the war.

Question 3: What structure is at the center of the academy

A. The dormitory buildings
B. Sculpture square
C. The bridge
D. The tree

The Academy is the place for all scientists and engineers on the island to study and apply advanced technology to new inventions. The Academy includes two buildings connected by a walkway and a Sculpture square where you will see the DNA sculpture at the entrance.

Academy is a new location between Observatory and Shipyard.

Question 4: What item below is the best to equip when you are fighting

A. Gloo wall
B. Bat
C. Grenade
D. Backpack

Among all of the possible equipment that players should bring along during the match, the Gloo wall is the best one to give you the extra advantage. Apart from functioning as a cover to reduce damage, Gloo Wall can also be used in many different ways. Check our Gloo Wall tips and tricks to know how to make the best out of a Gloo Wall!

Question 5: Why was the peak in ruins

A. Because of the war
B. Because of the broken cash flow in investments
D. Because of the invasion

Located in the center of the island, the peak is the hottest spot on the map where a lot of loots can be found. After the cash flow disruption in investments took place, the place was left in ruins with abandoned buildings and barren sites.

Bermuda Remastered Quiz Answers How To Open Bermud
The timeline of Free Fire The New Begining event 2021

Above is the correct Bermuda remastered quiz answers in Free Fire. By completing the test, the player will receive a weapon royale voucher which can redeem a free spin in Free Fire royale luck.

Apart from doing the quiz, do not forget to take part in the Bermuda 2.0 event and collect sakura to redeem valuable rewards from the game event. In addition to that, stay tuned to our website Gurugamer.com for the latest updates, tips, and tricks about Free Fire and other popular games around the world.

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