Battle royale is no doubt the most popular game genre in the world over the past few years. From PC and console games to mobile games, there are several battle royale games for players to try out. When it comes to the best mobile games, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire stand out as two of the biggest competitors. If you’re wondering which is the best game in the world, PUBG or Free Fire, take a look at the article below and make your own decision!

When putting PUBG Mobile and Free Fire into comparison, there are a lot of criteria to consider. However, in this article, only major factors like gameplay, graphics quality, popularity or revenue will be taken into account. The final decision also depends on your preference.

Free Fire Vs Pubg Mobile
Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are two of the most popular battle royale games for mobile with hundreds of millions of users around the world. However, which one is better?

PUBG Mobile Vs Free Fire - Gameplay

As both games have the same concept, the player will find himself descending from the sky, landing on a battle zone, and fighting for survival. They will need to loot weapons, vehicles and other tools to combat against players. In addition to that, the winner also needs to use tactics, skills to combat. Only the final player or the last team who survives until the end of the match is the winner.

The number of players

While a PUBG mobile match includes 100 players and lasts around 30 minutes, Free Fire offers more fast-paced gameplay with only 50 players.

Game modes

When it comes to game modes, you will find PUBG Mobile only has 4 main game modes including Classic, Arcade, PlayLab, and Arena. Free Fire, on the other hand, has several game modes to offer such as Classic Mode, Ranked Game, Rush Hour, Custom Game, Solo, Duo, and Squad mode (not to mention seasonal and time-limited game modes).

Weapons and tools

While both games offer a wide range of weapons and gun skins, PUBG Mobile outdoes Free Fire in terms of the quantity. Meanwhile, the weapon usage methodologies of both games are different and you can only decide which one is better just by trying out both.


When it comes to characters, Free Fire stands out as the battle royale game which has the most characters. By the end of 2020, the game has 32 characters in total while PUBG Mobile only offers 4 different options. Each character in Free Fire has a special ability that supports players during the battle. In addition to that, they are more affordable than those in PUBG Mobile. It normally costs a whopping number of coins to customize your characters in PUBG.

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Free Fire Vs Pubg Mobile 3
The graphics of PUBG and Free Fire is a bit different

PUBG Mobile Vs Free Fire: Popularity And Revenue

The number of users

Taking the advantage of the PUBG PC version, PUBG Mobile had a great start when it was released in late 2017. The game quickly soared into top battle royale games in the world with nearly 600M (60 crore) players and 750 million downloads by the end of 2020. The game which is a cooperation of PUBG Corp and Chinese-based Tencent Games is popular in South Asia countries like South Korea, Japan, Russia, America, India, and Europe.

Meanwhile, Free Fire, which is a product of Singapore-based software company Garena, takes the lion's share in the South Asia market especially in Indonesia and South American countries. The game has around 180M (18 crore) active users and 500M (50 crore) downloads worldwide.


When it comes to revenue, with a huge fanbase from developed countries around the world, PUBG Mobile visibly surpassed its rival with $2.6B only in 2020. It also tops the list of highest-grossing mobile games in the world in 2020. Free Fire, with a number of users, is only one-third of PUBGM, has generated approximately $700M by the end of the year.

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Pubg Mobile Season 17
It's undeniable that PUBG Mobile is more popular around the world than Free Fire

There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile is more popular than Free Fire and its revenue is also way bigger than its rival. However, each game has its own strength that will appeal to different types of players. The most important thing is that you really enjoy the game, you find yourself suitable, comfortable, and stress-free when playing it. Hope that you had your own answer for which is the best mobile games in the world, PUBG or Free Fire. In addition to that, visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertaiment!

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