Free Fire's skill system is a great addition to the usual battle royale shooter formula, creating a unique difference compared to other titles of the same genre. However, new players and sometimes even experienced ones might forget to use the active ability of their characters while in the midst of battle.

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In this article, we would list out the top 4 easiest to use active abilities in the game.

1 - Alok's Drop The Beat

There's a reason that Alok is still considered one of the best characters in the game, despite a huge number of new characters released since his debut. The bonus heal and movement speed are just too versatile and useful in pretty much every situation. You can just activate the skill with one press and forget about it.

Hayato Vs Alok 2

2 - K's Master of All

K's Master of All is a "toggle" skill - you can switch between two modes: one replenishes your EP and one consumes your EP to heal your HP. Usually one just toggles it to regain HP and switches back into heal when getting into combat. No thoughts or calculations involved.

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3 - Wukong's Camouflage

This skill serves as a free "get out of jail" card - as you cannot be damaged while in camouflaging. While you cannot attack or use skills, using medkit is still allowed... and for the 14 seconds duration, you can pop 2x of them.

Free Fire Wukong

4 - A124's Thrill of battle

Another straightforward healing skill - A124's ability can be activated any time as long as you have the EP required. Furthermore, if you use it in the middle of a fight, the skill would give your character a huge edge in a 1vs 1 duel, as the enemy would be fighting someone with 250 HP instead of just 200.

A124 Free Fire

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