The M60 is a fairly unpopular weapon in Free Fire due to its low accuracy, range and movement speed. However, it is nowhere near the weakest weapons in the game and could definitely shine in the right situation.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best M60 skins in Free Fire.

5 - M60 Swordsman Legends

The M60 Swordsman Legends' bonus is ++ damage at the cost of - range, which is fairly boring overall but effective, as the ++ damage bonus could make any gun useful. Appearance-wise, the Swordsman Legends line does not look too unique, with crimson and purple paints.


4 - M60 Captain Bubbles

This skin would improve the weakest part of the gun - its lower effective range. You would be able to use the M60 to snipe long-range targets wearing this skin. Appearance-wise, the skin looks fairly decent, with a shark head on its body.

Maxresdefault 1

3 - M60 Santa's Choice

The Santa's choice is a decent improvement over the previous skin on the list - it gives ++ range and + fire rate at the cost of - ammo. Range and Fire Rate are the two best stats on this weapon, and on an M60, ammunition size is too big for any demerit to matter.

Maxresdefault 2

2 - M60 Lively Beast

The M60 Lively beast comes with a double bonus on fire rate, letting you headshot your enemies much easier than normal. The Magazine size demerit is not really a problem on this gun, as it already has a very big ammo size.

M60 Lively Beast 1024x576

1 - M60 Crimson Red

The M60 Crimson Red is probably the skin with the highest damage potential for this gun, with a whopping double bonus on Fire rate and range. It also looks pretty awesome, with fire effects all over its body.

Maxresdefault 3

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