The beginning of a match in Free Fire is very important. You need to decide where to land, and your landing location would affect your performance of the whole game and the equipment you are able to get.

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In this guide, we would focus on how to parachute effectively in Free Fire and what to do after landing.

1 - What to do while in the air

Always take note of the flight routes and the map when landing. You need to observe the surroundings to find enemy players and their general location. If there are many players in your area, try to land as fast as possible - if there are only a few, you can take your time and pick the best spot possible.


While flying, you can do a nosedive to increase the speed of your descending to the ground and land before your enemies. The falcon pet is a great help as well - it increases your landing speed greatly and you would be able to land faster than anyone without the pet. To get to a distant location, just open your parachute right away

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2 - What to do after landing?

Unless you are confident in your ability to fight early on, try landing on a spot far from other players to be able to loot in relative peace. Only head toward them when you are done. If the landing location is far from the center, you can land on the top and make your way down/outside. On the other hand, if the landing location is near the center - you can land outside and make your way inside the building to make a camp.

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