Free Fire's next incubator set Shadow Trooper is going to be released in 3 days, on Feb 11 and would last for the next 30 days. In this article, we would preview these sets and list out everything you need to know about them.

About the Shadow Trooper Incubator

Similar to any previous incubators, all sets in this one can be exchanged with a number of evolution stones and blueprints. Free Fire Incubator spin for the Shadow Trooper Set would cost 60 diamonds each, with 5 spins getting a 10% discount. A rare item would be guaranteed after 3 spins.

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Overall, this is actually cheaper than testing your luck for a set, as you are guaranteed to get a rare item after a very short number of spin - the only disadvantage is the higher cost of each spin.

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Shadow Trooper Incubator design

The design of this set is actually pretty lazy - it is just a color palette swap of a single set. It is also unisex - male and female characters look almost the same wearing it. However, at least the general style is good, with the cloak & dagger style - your character would become a mysterious assassin wearing a hood that covers his face - inside the hood is a glowing visor of the appropriate color.

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The best part of the set is probably its arms - each set would have its arms covered in flames of the same color effect. The sets below are listed based on their prices - the Green is the cheapest while the Red is the most expensive.  The Red's effect is also the best - the visor inside its hood is burning with a special flame effect.

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