One of the best features in Free Fire that has always been rated highly by the fans is the unique character system, with each character having a unique skill. Not all characters are created equal, however. While some can be used universally on any build like DJ Alok's Drop the Beat, Rafael's skill is pretty situational - you need to use it with a sniper build to get the best result.


In this guide, we would list out everything you need to know about the Rafael character in Free Fire

2 - Rafael's Skill "Dead Silent"

Rafael's ability is probably what gives him his nickname - enemies would not be able to see their death coming at all. Rafael's ability is strong at long and medium-range, especially if the enemies haven't detected the user yet.


Rafael's ability would prevent the user from getting revealed on the minimap for 8s, even if they are shooting someone. Its cooldown gets reduced from 90 to 40 at max level - a decently spammable ability.  It is best that you level up the skill ASAP to get the lowest cooldown possible for it.

3 - Tips and Tricks on using Dead Silent

Dead Silent does not provide any stat at all - it gives you a tactical advantage instead. With your location not being displayed on the minimap, you would be able to snipe anyone without them immediately detecting the angle you are coming from.

This might lead to them retreating the wrong way and not able to get into a cover, enabling your successful kill. Overall, Rafael is strong if you are using a sniper or semi sniper build, poking enemies from afar.

Free Fire Best Characters En 7

When using Rafael's ability, it is best to carry a Silencer or Muzzle, as while you can't be seen on the map, they can still guess your location based on the sound of the gun. Moco and Laura are the two best characters to use in combination with Rafael's Dead Silent.

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