With February being a shorter month than normal, Season 34 Elite Pass for the game has been leaked early. In this article, we would list out everything currently available about March's Elite Pass and what you could expect from it.

1 - About the Season 34 pass

Its theme is going to be based on the famous story "Alice in the Wonderland" - with a slightly different name of "Alice in the Booyah Country". Similar to other elite passes released before, it is going to cost 600 diamonds - with a doubled cost of 1200 diamonds for pre-order. People who buy the pass during the pre-order period would get the exclusive Birthday Hat item.

Passe De Elite Do Free Fire 34 Temporada Chega Em

If you are a collector, preordering is a must, as the exclusive items from preorder would never come back. The preorder phase would start on Feb 26.

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2 - Highlights of the pass

The main highlights of the pass would be the male and female skins. The male skin is called Insane Hatter, which is based on the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. It consists of a blazer, pants, shoes, hat and mask... with an overall creepy theme. The female skin is called Wonderful Alice, which consists of a bodice with sleeves, pants, boots, makeup and a hat. Both sets use the same color palette: blue, white, red and black.

Passe De Elite Marco 2021 Pacotes

In addition to those skins, players would be able to get the usual roster of skins based on the Alice in Wonderland theme: from the M1873 'Alice in Booyah Country' to a Jeep skin, grenade skin, avatar, surfboard...etc.

Passe De Elite Marco 2021 Itens 1 Passe De Elite Marco 2021 Itens 2

Players who don't buy the Pass can still collect various items in the Free Pass missions. Mad Hatter shirt, gold, banner, PET food, gold and diamond ticket, backpack, fragment box, discount card, Dragon Crystal token box, scanner and Shard of Awakening will be available.

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