Free Fire is currently the most popular mobile battle royale in India. Overall, fans love the game... but there are definitely things that can be further improved. In this article, we would list out the top 5 features that fans wanted to be added to the game.

1 -  Better level up rewards

Currently, each time a new level is reached, players are prompted to open their level up chest to get a reward. However, they are usually disappointed afterward, as the reward usually is a 3-7 day item or just 1 uncommon or rare voucher of some sort.


Grinding levels are fairly time-consuming... and because of that, the level up system needs a complete overhaul and should offer higher level rewards for those at the higher levels.

2 - Better daily rewards

Daily reward bonuses are fairly useless, just like the level-up rewards. The bonus is overall too small - it usually would just give you some item you already have too many of. Just like the level-up system, it needs a major overhaul which could provide players with higher-level rewards the more the player plays and levels up or just be remade to offer event-themed items.

Free Fire Cumulative Login Rewards 1024x576

3 - Add more items to Magic Cube Store

The magic cube store is one of the best exchange shops for players who want to acquire sets they have missed in the past. The weakness of this shop is that it rarely ever refreshes with new bundles... and the new ones they add are usually the ones most players already have.

Free Fire Magic Cube

The store either needs more packages and have a definite refresh time or magic cube exclusive bundles that get removed after the period ends to satisfy players with excess cubes.

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4 - Token Conversion

After an event ends, the special tokens associated with it persist in the vault despite having no use anymore. An exchange or conversion system for these tokens should be added so that players could get some benefit out of them.

Free Fire Token Exchange

5 - Guild Shop resets more often

The Guild Shop suffers the same problem as the magic cube store - it barely ever resets... and when it does, the rewards are barely noticeable except for the room card. Overall, it needs to be improved in many aspects, including the reward roster.


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