OB26 is going to hit the live server of Free Fire this Thursday, February 4. In this article, we are going to list out the highlights of the patch - the best new features that are going to be added to the game.

1 - Clash Squad Ranked Season 5

With a new OB patch, another season of clash squad ranked would be released - along with another golden skin for players who managed to reach Gold III or higher. The reward for Season 5 would be the Golden MP5. This season would end on April 4.


2 - Clash Squad Shops now change based on maps

This way, you would be able to use most of the weapons in Free Fire in Clash Squad... and not just the current limited roster. It still depends on the location, of course. 2 versions of the store are now available: Bermuda and Kalahari.

Vending Machine

3 - New 'Mystery Box' item in CS

Players would be able to purchase a new item named 'Mystery Box' while playing Clash Squad. The Box would contain 3 powerful items (players can only pick one). Overall, this box would give the losing team in CS a chance to come back.

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4 - Vending machine improvements

The prices of various items in the vending machines have been modified based on their performance. More tokens are added onto the map now - you would be able to use these machines more often.

Vending Machine

5 - New Vending machine items

2 new items are going to be added to the vending machines - the mini drone and the reviver card. The Mini-drone would automatically reveal hostiles on its path... while the reviver card, you can revive one of your teammates from the dead.


6 - Return Area (team revival)

You can revive your entire team by capturing and activating this area. However, they are always placed in spots without any cover and can be attacked very easily after spawn.

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