Weapon skin is one of the best systems in Free Fire, with players being able to improve their weapons by equipping different skins. The most popular way you can get the aforementioned skins is from Weapon Royale... and Garena has just introduced a brand new skin called M79 Midnight Mafia.


In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new M79 skin.

1 - About the Midnight Mafia weapon royale

This is the first Weapon Royale for the M79 in quite awhile. The Midnight Mafia Weapon Royale would last for 15 days, with the usual 40 diamonds for a single pull and 400 for 11 pulls. The M79 'Flaming Temper' is the only prize of this weapon royale.

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2 - About the M79 Flaming Temper

This is going to be the best-looking skin for the M79 yet. The handle of the gun is decorated with a "wave" motif, depicting a raging, furious ocean. This is in deep contrast with the barrel of the gun, which is covered in bright orange fire. This is probably the "Flaming Temper" that the name of the skin was talking about.

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This skin has two of the best bonuses for the M79 - Damage and Ammo. While the grenade launcher is already one of the most damaging weapons in the game, more damage is always welcome. The best bonus, however, is the + ammo. Usually, an M79 can only be shot once before having to reload... but now you can shoot twice instead, which makes the gun much more dangerous.

The demerit in movement speed is fairly annoying but can be overcome easily - it is a good price to pay for higher damage and ammo count.

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