Garena has always strived to improve the various features of Free Fire, both in-game and outside the app. Free Fire Companion Website is their latest attempt of providing an extra source of information for players to enjoy... however, not many players know how to use the feature.

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In this article, we are going to introduce this new feature and list out everything you need to know.

1 - What is Free Fire Companion Website?

This is going to be a stat analyst website. It would allow players to check their own and other people's game performances, review ranking gains of the latest matches,  analyze combat style and share statistics with friends.

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A lot of other competitive games like CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL have this kind of page. Players will also be able to find the hottest weapons and skills based on official data sources... and they would be able to use this information to make better decisions in their matches. The Free Fire Companion Page would be able to retrieve data of all players since launch time - this is a much more completed list of information comparing to what's available in the game currently.

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It might take up to 2 days for matches to be uploaded into the database - just be patient. While the site has been released, it is still in the beta phase and undergoing various tests. Because of this, some of the data values and analyses might be bugged.

Players can find information about their number of kills, headshots, damage count, game mode, match time, win ratio, weapons used and match results under the analysis tab. Skill combinations that are frequently used by pros would also be recommended on the app as well.

2 - How to Access the Free Fire Companion Website?

To access the site, you just need to click on the site's banner in Free Fire's lobby. The Free Fire Companion website's beta phase would last until 11 February.

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