Vehicles are very important in pretty much all battle royales... and Free Fire is not an exception to this rule. You can move around the dangerous map safer and quicker using them - enemies would need to waste a lot of firepowers to take down a vehicle. In this article, we would list out the 5 vehicles with the most HP in Free Fire.

5 - Motorcycle

HP: 300

The second fastest vehicle in the game, with a speed of 60 and acceleration of 1500. Overall, it is even weaker than the pickup truck at hitting top speed - you would have to drive for quite some time for the thing to get to the top level. At least it is easy to control, with a whopping 40 points. The worst thing when riding a motorcycle is that you are completely unprotected while doing it.

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4 - Pickup Truck

HP: 400

The Pickup truck in Free Fire is based on a Ford F series - one of the most famous lines of pickup trucks ever manufactured in the world, ever since 1948. It has a much lower acceleration despite having a high top speed - it would take quite awhile for the Pickup to reach its max speed. This is rather weak in Free Fire, as the majority of the map is covered in rough terrains.

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3 - Sports Car

HP: 400

The sports car in Free Fire is loosely based on the Ferrari GT812 in real life. It is the fastest vehicle in the game, perfect if you want to drive around and crash onto people. Just be careful when doing it on rough terrains, as it can be flipped easily.

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2 - Jeep

HP: 500

The best vehicle in the game - it has relatively high defense, the ability to carry the whole team... and ease of control. The slower top speed is not much of a problem when you are able to deal with the bad terrains.

Free Fire Has Updated The Vehicles
Free Fire Has Updated The Vehicles

1 - Monster Truck

HP: 800

The tankiest car in Free Fire with the highest acceleration - you would be able to crush people at any speed driving the Monster Truck. However, it is a huge target due to the slow max speed... you would have a problem when driving around the map.

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