Free Fire's skill system is what makes it different from the other battle royale games in the market. These unique abilities provide Free Fire characters tactical options that they can choose based on the situation at hand.

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There are two types of ability in Free Fire, Active and Passive. Active abilities are generally stronger than passive abilities, but you need to choose the correct moment to use them. Passive, on the other hand, always give their bonus at any moment in the match, as long as you fulfill the requirements.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best passive skills in Free Fire.

5 - Wolfrahh

Skill: Limelight - Increase damage to enemy limbs and reduce headshot damage taken

This is a very effective damage increase ability, as long as you can fulfill its activate requirements by getting kills. At max effect, you would have a great advantage over your opponents in the final circles, as the body damage increase is massive.

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4 - Luqueta

Skill: Hat Trick - Increase your Maximum HP with every kill, up to 35.

Luqueta's Hat Trick's bonus Max HP is super useful, as you can heal yourself back to that limit multiple times, unlike Antonio's ability. At max level, it takes only 2 kills to boost your MAX HP pool to 235. Having more HP than enemies in a 1 vs 1 fight is a huge edge and would usually net you a victory if both players have the same level of skill.

Luqueta Skill

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3 - Hayato

Skill: Bushido - Increase your Armor Penetration the lower your HP

It is all about 1 vs 1 at the end of the game... and Hayato is one of the more effective abilities in this regard. Bushido would increase your weapon's armor-piercing ability based on your current HP - the less health you have, the higher the bonus. At the final circle, almost every player would be wearing high-level armors... and because of that, armor-piercing would be super effective.

Hayato Character In Free Fire

2 - K

Skill: Master of All - One mode would give free EP over time while the other mode would convert EP to HP 5 times faster.

K's skill "Master of all" has 2 modes - the first one would let him and his teammates heal faster from EP... and the second one would restore his EP at a faster rate. Overall, K's skill is purely defensive and should be combined with more offensive skills to get the best effect. The Fast EP convert is actually just as fast as Alok's heal.

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1 - Shirou

Skill: Damage Delivered - tag an enemy who hit Shirou, reveal their location and the first hit scored against them would ignore all armor

With this skill, Shiro can deal with snipers and ambushers more effectively... and with a high damage weapon like an SKS or SVD, the player can even one-shot people with that 100% armor penetration. With the bonus provided by this skill, even the highest level armors and helmets are useless. The vision from this skill does not get shared with your teammates - only you would be able to see the marked enemy.

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