Clash Squad Ranked is one of the more popular arcade game mode in Free Fire outside of the usual battle royale. It brings the gameplay of the "capture the flag" map from a traditional shooter into the game. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the skills you should pick in this mode.

1 - About Clash squad

In this mode, 8 people from 2 squads would battle each other in a best of 7 series - the first team to win 4 matches would be the winner. The Playzone for Clash Squad would be a small area in either Kalahari or Bermuda.

Shop in Clash Squad
Shop in Clash Squad

As you can only select between a limited number of weapons and the rounds are short, it is important to pick the correct character skill to get the most advantage.

2 - Which character to use in Clash Squad?


Putting up a shield would give you a crucial advantage in close-quarter combat, as enemies would have no chance to either run or hide. Just be careful, as they can put up their own shields as well.

Free Fire Chrono


Alok's heal and speed boost from Drop the beat are always useful in any mode of the game - Clash Squad is not an exception.


Antonio's ability would give you more HP each round - and having a bigger HP pool would give you an edge in 1 vs 1.


Jota's sustained raid would heal you for a huge amount of HP after every kill you made with SMGs and Shotguns. These two weapon classes are much more powerful than usual in this mode - with the map being restricted into a small area.

Jota Free Fire


Jai's Furious reload would give you the ability to fight against multiple enemies - after every kill, your magazine would be filled.


Joseph's Nutty Movement is really useful in close quarter combat, in which you need to move around constantly.

Joseph Free Fire

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