Overall, if you could afford a rig that can run emulators and your phone is not available, using a PC to play Free Fire can be a pretty decent experience. In this article, we would list out the top 5 lightweight emulator software for playing Free Fire.

1 - LD Player

One of the first android emulators to hit the market – LD Player remains amongst the best ever since. The aspect that sets LD Player apart from its competitor is its specifications and optimization that can fit every PC. While LD Player is usually recommended for an even weaker PC, it runs even better on a 4GB ram. LD also offers easier custom keyboard access and control. They are pretty intuitive and smooth – in order to aid the player in dealing with the usual problems that they must have had on phones.

best emulator for free fire on pc 4gb ram download

2 - BlueStack

BlueStack is a top pick if your PC is on the weaker side, as it is the lightest emulator on this list. It is a pretty well-balanced emulator, as you can get an acceptable level of performance on pretty much all devices. There are also fewer advertisements on Blue Stack as well.

best emulator for free fire on pc 4gb ram

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3 - Nox Player

Nox Player is probably the latest emulator on the list, with cutting-edge tech and features. It requires a slightly stronger PC, however. 4 GB of RAM is needed to run Nox. If you have managed to fulfill the system requirements, Nox can perform better than a lot of other emulators and is pretty easy to use. It also has various settings and options to synergize with the performance of your PC, along with the ability to change phone type for apps.

best emulator for free fire on pc 4gb ram

4 - Gameloop

While Gameloop is often associated with PUBG Mobile – it can run Free Fire and other shooters like it just as well. The reason behind that is the emulator’s design – it was originally created for any kind of shooter game, with optimizations specialized to playing them. Gameloop is probably amongst the most stable emu – you would barely get any lag when using this one.

best emulator for free fire on pc 4gb ram

5 - Memu

Memu is the final option for Free Fire on PC, with it being the lightest emulator available for free currently. It is small in size and won’t cause much trouble to your PC system, even if it is super outdated.

Best Emulator For Free Fire On PC 4GB Ram Download

The best part of Memu is probably its automatic keymapping for Free Fire – you won’t need to set your own options while installing and can just jump into the game right away. Installing Memu is also the same way as any other emulator – just download the install file on their home website, run it, log in to your Google Account… and you are done.

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