The unique character skill system is probably what separates Free Fire from other competitors battle royale in the market. They have been continuously adding more characters, each with a different ability, story, and background. The newest addition to the roster is Shirou, a delivery boy with a very deadly ability to pierce all armor.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 abilities to combo with Shirou's Damage Delivered.

5 - Laura

If you are doing a sniper build, Shirou's skill can work perfectly in conjunction with Laura's. With the extra accuracy from Marksmanship, you would be able to score your retaliation hit on enemies to trigger Shirou's ability much easier.

Image 3 Laura Character In Free Fire

While Laura's skill directly increases the accuracy of the weapon, Dasha's recoil reduction lets the weapon retain it.

4 - A124

A124's ability to convert EP to HP is perfect for 1 vs 1 fights - it would give you more HP almost instantly after a button press and give you an edge in the fight. The weakness of this ability is that you have to find mushrooms to fuel your EP... however, it is pretty easy to just get K or Miguel's skill to fuel it instead.

Free Fire Character A124

Chrono's skill would give you time to heal using A124's Thrill of Battle.

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3 - Jota

Jota's skill gives bonuses to shotguns and SMGs that let you regain a bit of health after each kill. Armor penetration would work wonders in the case of the Shotguns as well. If you are using the automatic shotgun M1014, you would have a much easier time with Shirou's skill active, as the retaliation shot would deal a massive amount of damage.

Joe Taslim Jota Free Fire

2 - Alok

Everyone probably expected this. Alok's ability is pretty broken - it lasts for 10 seconds, heals a whopping 50 HP in total, provides 15% movement speed... and is a 5m AOE skill! Drop the beat would still be the best skill in the game if it only affects Alok. Furthermore, the cooldown of that ability is relatively low, at 45 seconds. This skill is a perfect tool to escape and recover when you get shot by your enemies.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat

1 - Chrono

Chrono's skill is called "Time Turner" - it would create a small bubble with 600 HP that you and your allies can get in. You can move faster and shoot targets outside while in the bubble... but your enemy has to destroy the bubble to get to you. Allies would get half the movement speed bonus.

Skill Karakter Baru Free Fire

Chrono's ability works in any situation, both attack and defense - enemies have no other choice but to retreat or put up their own bubble. It is the perfect defense that stops all gunfires while allowing you to shoot back.

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