Garena is constantly trying to improve players' experience by giving out rewards to encourage an active playerbase... and the guild system is part of that initiative. By joining guilds, players would be able to enjoy a lot of benefits and interact with more members of the community.

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In this article, we would show you how to get dog tags from guild tournaments to exchange for free items.

1 - Tournament rules

Guild Tournament is a limited-time event. During the period, guild members can play Classic or Clash Squad modes (both normal and ranked) to earn Dog Tags. Teaming up with other members of the guild would result in more dog tags.


The total number of dog tags you obtained would be displayed on the Guild leaderboard. Once the guild reaches the dog tag milestones, personal and guild rewards would be unlocked.

After the Guild Tournament end, Guild leaders can use the dog tags to claim rewards... and players can use their own personal dog tags to get their own rewards. All dog tags would be removed if a player leaves their guild - make sure to spend them all if you are going to do that.

2 - Dog Tags Rewards

Below is a list of all the rewards, both guild and personal, that can be acquired via dog tags:

Guild Rewards

  • 400 tags: Glory x500, Resupply Map x3
  • 800 tags: Glory x800, Summon Airdrop x3
  • 1250 tags: Glory x1200, Scan Playcard (3d) x1
  • 1800 tags: Glory x1800, Room Card x1

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Personal Rewards

  • 20 tags - Gold Royal Voucher
  • 40 tags - Gold x2000
  • 65 tags - Summon Airdrop Playcard (24h)
  • 90 tags - Resupply Map Playcard (3d)

Overall, the highlight of the rewards is probably the last level - the room card is amongst the rarest resource in Free Fire... with a lot of players joining guilds just for it.

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