There are a lot of weapons in Free Fire, with different strengths and weaknesses – and many of them are very effective at long range. To be a good sniper, you need to know the capability of the best sniper weapons in the game... and have the ability to use both SR and Semi-Auto SR (DMR) effectively.


In this list, we would list out all Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles in the game and find out which one of them is the best.

SVD / Dragunov

The Dragunov SVD is a very powerful automatic sniper rifle that can only be found in airdrops and resupply points; it is one of the deadliest weapons in-game. The difference between the SVD and other weapons on this list is its armor penetration – combined with its decent fire rate, a player equipped with the Dragunov would be able to down an enemy wearing a level 2 vest in about 3 shots.

1 Svd Free Fire Game

The weakness of the Dragunov is its slightly higher recoil and its rarity - the gun is pretty hard to find


The M14 is a semi-auto sniper rifle with super high range and damage... however, the best part about the gun is a special attachment. If you managed to find the M14 Rage core, the gun would be turned into an automatic rifle - its firing speed weakness would be completely removed.

Vandal Revolt

That variant is fairly rare, however... and without it, the M14 is pretty underpowered.

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The SKS is pretty much the same as the SVD but is much easier to find, and that's why it is generally considered better than the SVD. While SKS has slightly lower penetration and damage than the SVD, it has lower recoil and therefore easier to control. Both guns can achieve the same feat of defeating an enemy wearing a level 2 vest in 3 shots. The SKS's spread is also lower as well.

best sniper guns in free fire


The newest semi-automatic sniper rifle in Free Fire... and the weapon with the highest effective damage in the game, due to its ability to pierce armor. The Woodpecker's weakness is its relatively short range for a sniper rifle... you might need to get a little bit closer for the gun to be effective.

Freefire Woodpecker Crop1603058631804 Jpg 55468846

The Woodpecker was nerfed slightly in the last patch, but it is still fairly strong.


Overall, the ranking of all Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles from best to worst is Woodpecker > SKS > SVD > M14. The Woodpecker's high damage just makes it the undisputed champion amongst weapons with the same function. While the SVD has higher damage, it is much harder to find than the SKS. You need to get the M14 rage core version for it to be actually usable.

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