Free Fire has steadily become the biggest battle royale shooter on mobile in India, ever since PUBG Mobile's removal from the country. There are quite a few differences between the two titles, but the biggest one is probably the existence of "pay-to-win" skins in Free Fire. These skins would provide paying players a decent edge over free-to-play ones.

Spend Diamonds Free Fire Pirates

This can be resolved with an easy solution - modded APK. In this article, we would showcase the latest mod version of Free Fire and show you how to use Shadow VIP APK Download Free Fire Hack.

1 - Why should you use Shadow VIP APK Download Free Fire Hack?

After installing this modded version of Free Fire, you would be able to beat all your enemies while getting a lot of extra features that were locked behind paywalls in the original game (like new characters, skins, diamonds... and more).

Shadow VIP APK Download Free Fire Hack is a complete package, including gameplay hacks like aimbots, wallhacks, spread, damage... and currency hacks like coins, diamonds and magic cubes. You can turn the features on and off at will - if you don't like gameplay hack, turning them off is an option.

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2 - How to Download Shadow VIP Mod?

What permissions are required to use Shadow Vip Apk download?

This mod is a 3rd party application and would require the below permissions before running on your smartphone or tablet.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

  • Required access to read data (this would let the game modify recorded user account information)
  • Access to Read phone IMEI number (to prevent you from getting identified by anti-cheats)
  • Required access to the microphone (which allows you to voice chat with other players in-game while playing)

How to download and install

You can get the APK and Data file using the below links:

To install the Modded game, you would need to run the shadow vip APK file and install it. Afterward, decompress and move the data file onto the directory "Sdcard > Android > OBB". Enable unknown sources from security settings if you haven't.

Free Fire Hack

Run the app and allow all the needed permissions - afterward, you would see a floating icon on your screen while playing Free Fire. Click on it to add or remove cheats - the interface is fairly simple: just tap on the cheats that you want to add or remove. Afterward, tap the cross button to close and play the game.

Remember to update this frequently by checking out the home page of Shadow Vip Mod APK. Use the following credentials if needed: Username: LuanaFree1 / Password: ADM.

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3 - Features of Shadow VIP Hack

What are the hacks?

  • Aimbot: There are 5 different types of aimbot incorporated into this modded apk, along with the infamous 100% headshot hack.
  • General Hacks: A lot of random hacks were also added - from ghost, teleport, running medkit, fake name...etc
  • Speed Hack: Moving Shoot, Quick Punch, Stone Wall Hack...etc

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

  • Currency hack: You would get an unlimited amount of coins, diamonds and any special currency like magic cubes.
  • Maphack: You can track your enemies' location, their health, name, and also weapons which they are currently using. There is also a built-in wallhack that allows you to see through walls and also kill your enemies bypassing all walls.

4 - What precautions do you need while using Shadow VIP FF?

Hacking and modding the game is illegal, of course. Free Fire, similar to any other online game, has a built-in anti-cheat system that constantly tracking players' activities. If this system detects any malicious activities, it would kick the player out of the game and lock their account, either permanently or partially.

To reduce the risk of getting an IP ban or Device ban, it is recommended that you follow these 4 steps:

  • Use a VPN if possible while playing to hide your real IP address so that the game's anti-cheat would not be able to detect your original info.
  • Use an IMEI changer app to protect your device - Garena would not be able to device ban you with your IMEI constantly changing.
Free Fire Hacks
Shadow VIP APK Download Free Fire Hack is the best
  • Always use cheats and hacks with a throwaway account or keep it in a private lobby. Cheat in matchmaking is very dangerous and can get you reported.
  • Don't use too many shadow vip hack at one and try to hide the fact that you are cheating. Shoot your enemies through walls is a bad idea... as that would literally reveal your nature of being a hacker.

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