Free Fire has become the most popular mobile BR title in India after PUBG Mobile's removal from the market... however, it is much harder to enjoy the game fully, as a lot of characters are locked behind a "diamond" paywall. This guide would help you alleviate that. However, with Free Fire being an online game, your account would be detected sooner or later - just remember to use a spare account if you are going to hack.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Real Website
Hack Game Free Fire 2021: Max Gold and Diamonds

In this article, we would show you how to download Hacked Version Of Free Fire 2021 so that you can get all the skins, pets, and characters you want.

1 - Where to download Hacked Version Of Free Fire 2021?

Overall, you can find Free Fire hack on two reputable pages: and Both sites are decent... but kingmodapk has faster mirrors for download. There are actually 2 versions of the hack - one with unlimited money and one with all the other cheats like aimbot and such.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Real Website

This is probably to cater to players who just want to get some skins without actually cheating in the game. Gameplay cheats are more likely to be detected, of course... while skin hacks are more often than not unnoticed.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Best Website

The best part about this is that the hacks are constantly updated to counter Garena's anti-cheat updates. It is recommended that you bookmark the site on your browser to get the updates as soon as they are out. It is recommended that you create a new account solely for the hack... just to be on the safe side.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Original Website

Besides Free Fire hacks, these two pages also include mods, cheats and hacks for various other games as well. You would be able to play every game with unlimited currency and everything unlocked, pretty much.

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2 - How to set up Free Fire Mod APK?

The first step is to download the APK (installation file) and OBB (data file) on the page. Get to either or and download the APK and OBB file. In Kingmodapk you can also download the previous versions of the hack as well - we recommend you use the latest one.

Free Fire Diamond Hack New Website

It is necessary to enable "Unknown Sources" on your device before installing this APK file. You can uninstall the normal version of the game as well, but that is probably unneeded.

Copy the OBB data folder to this path Sdcard > Android > OBB before running the game. You would need to extract the folder from the compressed file first, as the downloaded file from the site is in RAR. Download the RAR app from the Google Play Store to accomplish this task. You can also download the files to a PC, decompress then transfer them onto your phone using a cable.

3 - What are the main features of this modded APK?

There are many more features included in this modded APK besides the usual diamond hack.


Aimbot, when active, would automatically aim and fire at enemies as soon as they appear on the screen. There are various options that you can modify - from "more damage" to "only bodyshot" and "only headshot". It is best to just use body shots, as headshots are likely to get reported.

This hack is not as popular as the others, as people actually want to play the game themselves instead of having the game run by itself.

Map Hack

This hack would pinpoint the locations of enemies on the map and let you see through walls. Overall, this is a worthwhile hack to use, as long as you don't shoot enemies through walls - this might get you reported.

Hack Free Fire 2021 mobile: Wallhack is probably the hardest to detect


This hack would reduce the damage taken from enemies so that they cannot kill you in any situation... however, it is pretty easy to be detected so you need to be careful. Furthermore, you can still be affected by the damage from the blue zone.

Unlimited Money

The hack would give you an unlimited amount of Diamonds and Gold, enough to buy everything in the shop. Other shop currencies like Magic Cubes are also maxed out as well.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Real Website

Cheat Detection Bypass

This is the most important feature of the hacked APK - it lets you bypass Garena's Anti Cheat system. This is why you need to upgrade the hack constantly, as playing the game without the latest hack might get you banned.

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