Free Fire has become the most popular battle royale in the country after PUBG Mobile was removed from the competition. Brand new players are flocking to the game... and the hardest part of getting into Free Fire is probably the touch screen.

While there's no way around it, you can reduce the difficulty of learning how to play by using one of the 5 guns on this list.

5 - SCAR

SCAR is the most beginner-friendly. All stats of this gun is pretty balanced, with medium damage, low recoil, and decent range – even someone who hasn’t played any FPS before would be pretty comfortable with this gun. SCAR is pretty easy to mod due to its five attachment slots – the weapon would be even better in the late game after you have gathered enough modifications.

using assault rifle free fire

4 - MP40

The MP40 is the extreme end of the SMG class - it has the highest fire rate of any weapon in Free Fire... in exchange for one of the lowest effective range in the game. Using this gun, you can discharge a very rapid burst of DPS at a close enemy. Because of its insane damage, a lot of people like the MP40. If you are using it, try to get a weapon stock and an extra magazine to improve its spam ability even further.

SMG in Free Fire

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3 - M4A1

The M4A1 has the longest effective range amongst all Assault Rifle class in Free Fire – it is probably the best sniping AR in longer-range fights. The gun has a fairly low rate of fire, however, so you would have to be pretty experienced to use it effectively. The M4 is most commonly found in ranked matches, in which range is the best factor.

free fire best assault rifle

2 - UMP

The UMP is probably the best and most damaging SMG in the game - it is the only weapon in this class with the ability to penetrate armor. With 63 points in armor penetration, the UMP can pretty much ignore 2/3 of enemies' vest and helmet's damage reduction. If you manage to find a UMP, stick with it and find some more attachments if possible -  a foregrip is recommended, as it would greatly aid in reducing its random bullet spread.

SMG in Free Fire

The UMP also has the highest reload speed and movement speed in the class as well.

1 - XM8

The XM8 is the better version of the SCAR, with high stats on everything - from damage to fire rate and range, and even the movement speed when holding the XM8 is much higher. However, you would have to stick with the X2 scope that the gun is spawned with. There is a reason behind the fact that the XM8 is the most commonly used AR in the game.

assault rifle meaning in free fire

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