Free Fire's special character system is one of the best mechanics in the game. It sets Free Fire apart from other Battle Royales, as no other game in the same genre has a skill system that you can fully customize. Not all characters are created equal, however - by releasing stronger new characters, Garena forces players to spend diamonds to buy them.

Overall, Steffie is probably in the middle of the pack. While she is not really top tier, her ability can shine in the most unexpected circumstances.

One of the best looking female character in the game

1 - Steffie's Backstory

Steffie has always had artistic talents, however, the circumstances surrounding her upbringing prevented her from becoming a real artist. She grew up in a war-torn country, ruled by an organization named Future Horizons, who hunted down artists and intellectuals in the name of the greater good. Steffie decided to dedicate her life to go against them and become a famous rebel fighter, leaving amazing graffiti arts in the city to mock the ruling class. She joined Cybernetica as their first non-hacker member.

Steffie Portada

Steffie can be purchased in the shop for 499 diamonds.

2 - Steffie's Ability

Steffie's active ability is called Graffiti's Blessing. Upon activation, it would create an area on the ground marked with graffiti - which reduces bullet and explosive damage taken by Steffie as long as she stays in that circle.

The ability is fairly hard to use overall as the effect would be lost if you move out of the area. Multiple instances of this skill do not stack. At max level, the ability would create graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for 10 seconds. CD 45 seconds.

Maxresdefault 3

3 - Tips and tricks on using Steffie

Steffie's ability is really week - it only reduces 5% of bullet damage taken. However, something is better than nothing, especially in a shooter like Free Fire. Just drop this ability whenever you are in combat and expect to get shot. The cooldown of this skill is fairly low so don't hesitate to spam it whenever available.

Free Fire Character Steffie Skill 6b26

The best skill to use in combination with Steffie's ability is probably the sniper abilities like Rafael's Dead Silent or Laura's Marksmanship.

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